Of course, she did not pretend, but was really seriously injured, and it was not someone else who injured her, it was Saint Feiyu. In order to create an effect that made Shanghai and others believe, she really almost fell into death. If Shanghai and others did not come, she might really have fallen here.

She seems to be less than a hundred years old…Sure enough, Ming Yuyan has an amazing aptitude like the rumors.Some elders exclaimed repeatedly, with envy in their eyes. These people also have semi-saint master level characters, but they have practiced for a lifetime, and Ming Yuyan has reached the same level as them in less than a hundred years.Then the second scene began.This time it was Lei Chen and a descendant of the Protoss of the main race. After the two fought hundreds of moves, the former defeated the latter with a powerful magical skill. There was no suspense at all, because the two When he took the stage, the victory and defeat had already appeared.Brother Brother, it\’s your turn, be careful. Ling Xuanhao said.Um!Shanghai stood up.call out!A white light enveloped him, and then directly entered the competition area, and another white light also fell.As the white light dissipated, Shanghai looked at his opponent in surprise, and the other party was also surprised. Then the two of them looked at each other and laughed. The opponent in this game is not someone else, it is Yan Potian, among all the descendants of the god race, The relationship between Shanghai and this person is pretty good.Brother Lin, it seems we still have to fight. Yan Potian smiled.Indeed! I am also looking forward to a fight with you.Shanghai nodded. The accident was an accident. Since his opponent is Yan Potian, he will not release the water, and he will definitely fight.Brother Lin, you are really strong, so I have to unlock the seal on me, otherwise I really won\’t be able to fight you. Yan Potian said.Seal? Shanghai was slightly startled.Soon!A god pattern appeared on Yan Potian’s arm, and then slowly disappeared, and the aura on his body also changed tremendously. From the first power of the king to the peak of the king, finally Crossed the peak of the king, and entered the realm of semi-sage master in one fell swoop.With the emergence of the semi-holy master\’s breath, Yan Potian\’s temperament has also undergone drastic changes. He was originally a little loose and casual, and he is full of majesty at this moment, and every move contains a strong and violent aura. .This was not made by him deliberately, but a natural aura leaking due to the increase in power.

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