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The patriarch and the clan ambassador died tragically. These two people have fought against you in the past, and the strength is not below the eldest brother you…Which clan did it? There are such terrible methods. The second elder\’s voice trembled a little. .It\’s not a clan, but three mysterious people. Ling Zhantian said.what……Three mysterious people? Everyone was surprised.The three men destroyed the third-ranked Light God clan, which is simply incredible, because the Light God clan has millions of people, and it takes a lot of time to kill them all, even if it is the first world honor. , It is impossible to solve so many people in a short period of time.The Guangshen clan is not stupid. It has occupied Kunzhou for hundreds of thousands of years. It has already managed the resident as a golden soup. Moreover, the patriarchs of the past have also arranged enchantments and various hidden secrets covering the entire clan. Once there is a crisis, Even if the clan is annihilated, some people will remain.The three people wiped out all the Guangshen clan, not to mention this amazing method, just listening to it is already very heart-shaking.Grandpa, can these three mysterious people find out their identities? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Not yet. The top powerhouse sent by the temple has visited the Light God Clan and checked the remaining breath of the three mysterious people. Their aura is very weird. They are not like the middle famine tribes we know well, nor are they desolate beasts. Transformed by the top desolate beasts over there… Ling Zhantian\’s expression became more and more serious.This kind of horror people who don’t know their origins and their purpose are the most worrying, because you don’t know what they want to do, why they want to destroy the light gods, and how many of them, if there are only three people. Fortunately, if there are more than three people, it would be quite troublesome.If the opponent hates the ancient gods, it is even more terrifying. The destruction of the spirit gods may be just the beginning, and the next one may be another branch of the gods…This is not only what Ling Zhantian is worried about, but also what the leaders of the temple and various branches of the gods are most worried about.Don\’t worry, the temple has already sent out many top figures. The fact that the Light God clan has been destroyed is too great. Even the God Lord personally ordered the punishment and punishment hall to find out the matter within three days, and dispatched a lot of them. Lao Su went to investigate thoroughly. Ling Zhantian said.Then what shall we do now?Wait, now the city of God is under martial law, no one can go out, things will always come to light. Ling Zhantian said.Everyone nodded, and now it can only be so.boom……The hall suddenly trembled, and the decorations in the entire hall were shaken off and scattered all over the ground. Ling Zhantian\’s expression suddenly sank, and the expressions of the second elder and others changed, because this was not the shaking of Yitian Hall, but the whole The city of God is shaking.The god city is the holy land of the ancient gods. All races in Zhonghuang know that the god city represents the dignity of the ancient gods. Therefore, since ancient times, even if the two races go to war, they have never been involved in the god city, because this place is the bottom line and the inverse scale of the ancient gods. , Once touched, it will never stop.Territorial tremor is impossible. Since ancient times, the city has never trembles too much. If you want to make it move, you can only exert force from the outside, and those with this force are one of the few in the middle famine.

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