Suddenly, Ming Yuyan felt overwhelmed and hated Shanghai a little bit. This feeling was very strange. She hated Shanghai at first, but it was hatred, but this time she hated him for leaving herself. It felt extremely contradictory, but at this moment, it was born in Ming Yuyan\’s heart.

The reason she gave herself 40% is because her strength is much weaker. If Shanghai sees the fortune and makes a move, she will not have much power to fight back. After all, Shanghai used to be a single person to kill it. An evil man.She still vividly remembers the scenes from the past. With her unparalleled strength, even when she sees Shanghai now, she can\’t help feeling an inexplicable heart palpitation.It might be distributed like this, but I want the top grade god source. As for the middle and low grades, you can give me 30%. Shanghai nodded. Although he was speaking, the anxiety in his heart grew stronger, which made him unconscious.Yeah! Ming Yuyan nodded, and immediately separated a part of it and handed it to Shanghai.Stealing our belongings and daring to share the spoils in person, your courage is really not small. A low voice came from the meteorite on the other side, and the tone was full of playfulness.Hearing the sound, Ming Yuyan\’s pretty face changed suddenly and turned her head quickly.I saw it!An inexplicable gloom appeared from the meteorite, and a tall man with gray and black skin walked out slowly. The clothing on this person was made of some kind of carapace, with weird patterns engraved on the top. Walking around, the power fluctuations emerging from the body are extremely strong.At the same time, the meteorites all around shone dim light, and more than twenty men and women with the same gray-black skin and costumes made of carapace came out. These people’s eyes were gray, like rocks, but It\’s roughly the same as the people in the Great Wilderness World.really……Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly. He didn\’t feel that simple at first. Seeing this group of people hidden here, he already understood that these people are practitioners of a certain world, entrenched here, and used hundreds of divine origins. The purpose of entering the storage bracelet is to lure others to come.This storage bracelet is actually a trap.These two prey are also really idiots. They don\’t know to go first after taking the things, so they are distributed here carelessly…I don\’t even look at where it is, the gods in the battlefield dare to be so careless.If it weren\’t for their stupidity, how could we capture them so easily? The other cultivators walked out with a smile, eyes full of ridicule and ridicule.Ming Yuyan was naturally not stupid, and immediately realized that she had entered the trap of these different world cultivators, but her expression was still calm, her beautiful eyes staring at the surrounding more than twenty different worlds vigilantly. Cultivator.A group of men and women from different worlds glanced at Shanghai and Ming Yuyan, and immediately all their eyes were on the expression of Shanghai, especially the male practitioners, with a strange scorching gaze.This man is pretty, I like it.He, I want it!That woman is really ugly, I don\’t want it, I want this man too… A female cultivator in another world couldn\’t help muttering.

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