Leaving the fire of the earth vein, she came to a spacious place nearby, threw down the futon, sat down, and began to carry 48 kinds of spiritual herbs from the storage bag in her hand. For a moment, the smell of medicine was filled around.

In the millions of small worlds, there will be some amazing people in the past. Even if they are placed in the realm of Gods, they are also people who are contended by the major forces. In the original small world, if they have bad luck, they will easily Will fall.If it is someone who has good luck, such as those who were discovered by the True Nether God Race and received training in the God Realm, with the qualifications of these people, even if they only get the second-class training, they can easily surpass the True Nether God Race\’s direct line, and such people If it grows up in the future, it will become a great help for the True Underworld God Race.Infinitely close to the level of the reincarnation artistic conception of the four worlds, such a character, even if it is not the direct line of the true god clan, will be cultivated as a direct line, and will even become the chief guest of the true god clan. After all, the true god clan is such a prominent figure. I don\’t want such excellent characters I cultivated to join the rest of the forces, so these people have always been treated equally, and some of them are even higher than ordinary direct descendants.It is indeed much more troublesome to have such a character here…Shanghai squinted his eyes, no matter what, he had to get the source of these 100,000 high-grade gods.Brother Lin, this person is called Shenyao, and his strength is quite terrifying. It is said that he has become one of the generals of Shenlincheng… Moriye reminded.Well, I understand, are there any people from Nanxuan Palace in the city? Shanghai then asked.Yes, and there are not too many. The Nanxuan Palace and the True Underworld God Clan have issued orders to kill you, Brother Lin, and many cultivators are looking for you… Sen Ye said.The temptation of one hundred thousand high-grade gods is too great. No cultivator is unmoved. Whether in the battlefield of gods or in the realm of gods, gods are the only thing that can be traded apart from treasures. After all, this gods In addition to making the blood of the descendants of the gods thicker, it can also quickly restore the strength of ordinary cultivators, and has the effect of assisting cultivation.Afterwards!Moriye passed all the information he received to Shanghai.You also brought together some strong people here? Shanghai said in surprise.Well, this is what the Wang confessed, mainly because he is worried about Brother Lin\’s safety. Sen Ye nodded.Hearing these words, Shanghai couldn\’t help but feel moved. He just helped Shengmu unintentionally, but he never thought that he would get so much in return.Brother Lao Fu Senye conveyed my gratitude to Shengmu. Shanghai said: \”However, if it is not necessary, you guys still don\’t take action.\”Well, I understand, Wang also confessed that I will only take action when Brother Lin is in danger. Sen Ye nodded.Afterwards!The two whispered together, Shanghai explained his plan in full, and Moriye nodded repeatedly.That\’s it, you guys get ready.I am going to prepare now!

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