At this time, the roar had also begun to scrape the ground with his claws, looking anxious.

It can be said that only now does Shanghai really possess a magical attack and kill skill that is more than its own.Chapter 1073Secret room!Enchantments continued to evolve, and the entire secret room was tightly wrapped. Shanghai took out the essence of the unicorn beast and all the materials that it had spent on the purchase of 30,000 Supreme Gods. After spreading these things one by one on the ground, Take a deep breath.The materials for refining the primary barren patterns are all prepared. Although there is the essence of the unicorn beast, I am not sure whether it can be refined at one time. After all, there has never been a barren pattern master before the basic barren patterns have been mastered. Refining the primary barren pattern. Shanghai Xindao.I am afraid that since time immemorial, only Shanghai has dared to try to refine the primary barren pattern at this stage.Staring at all the materials, Shanghai thought quickly. He was determining the year of each material and the changes they had. At the same time, he was thinking about which primary barren pattern should be refined. Anyway, he has prepared three materials. Servings, enough to refine three kinds.There is only one part of the essence of the unicorn beast, so only one can be refined, and the other two are just for backup.After thinking for a long time, Shanghai made a decision.That\’s it, Burning Heaven and Wilderness Pattern. This wild pattern was created by the God King Burning Heaven in the immemorial era. It was formed by gathering the rootless flames of the world. The primary Burning Heaven and Wilderness pattern has only one rootless flame. But it has the possibility of unlimited extension. Shanghai Xindao.Although the other two primary barren patterns are no less powerful than the Burning Heaven and Desolate Patterns, relatively speaking, the Burning Heaven and Desolation Patterns are slightly easier to refine.let\’s start……Shanghai\’s chest fluctuated violently. He took out three thousand Supreme God Sources, placed them beside him, grabbed some of them, and took out part of the materials. The power of his right hand turned into flames, and most of the materials were burnt in a flash. Become a liquid.At the same time, Shanghai began to absorb the source of the best gods. At the beginning, one by one, but as the materials were smelted to the end, the powers of the gods were no longer available, and they kept grabbing handfuls of the source of the best gods. , Absorbed in disregard of consumption.呲呲…When all the materials turned into liquid, cold sweat was already oozing out of Shanghai\’s forehead.The cost of refining the primary barren pattern is too great. Just refining all the materials consumes more than two thousand top god sources… If you refine the intermediate barren pattern, the consumption will be at least dozens of times larger… if it is advanced Huangwen… Isn\’t that…Thinking of future consumption, Shanghai couldn’t help but make a lot of money. This time he made a lot of money, but he spent nearly 300,000 top god sources on cultivation, and at least 100,000 top god sources on refining primary wild patterns. , This is the initial estimate.It is impossible for ordinary people to imagine that the 100,000 Supreme God Source refines a primary barren pattern, but for the barren pattern master, it is as normal as eating and drinking. The occupation of the system is even more terrifying.Quickly absorbed the three hundred best source of gods. After Shanghai had replenished all the powers, he held the liquid of all the materials in the left hand, and the index finger of the right hand slightly, quickly carved out the wild lines in the void. Unleash a unique rhythm.

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