\”Linger, can you say that? Have you thought about it? You\’re still a young lady who hasn\’t come out of the cabinet? Did you go through your brain when you spoke?\” Brilliance was really annoyed at this time. The younger sister used to think she was very cute. Since when, the eldest lady of his Hua family has been able to speak vicious language comparable to that of market peasant women. Where did she learn this and when did she start?

And the old man stood respectfully in the car, facing the young man, his expression was respectful, and although he did not radiate momentum, Shanghai could feel that this old man was a strong man of the second world respect. This made him couldn\’t help but be slightly surprised. The strong man of the second world noble level actually served beside him like a slave, which shows that this young man is of extraordinary origin.Brother, these two are going to kill Bai Liang, and I want to avenge Bai Liang. The woman was ready to shoot again.Don\’t stop? I\’m still going to participate in the election of Ancient Xuanzong, if it is delayed, my father will punish you by then. The young man frowned.Upon hearing this, the woman hesitated for a moment, glared at the two of Shanghai fiercely, and unwillingly put away the long whip in her hand.As the chariot came, the young man glanced at the two of Shanghai, did not say anything, but waved his hand, the woman snorted, riding on a mysterious thunder beast, and looted out, the two men beside him Hurried to catch up.Afterwards!Nine Profound Thunder Beasts left with their carts.Seeing this group of people leave, Sen Luo couldn\’t help but curl his lips, \”These guys are too arrogant, but using so many Xuan Lei beasts to pull carts is really enviable. I don\’t know when I can get a few Xuan Lei. The beast is here to pull me the cart.\”There is a chance. When Shanghai said this, he said immediately: \”Let\’s go, let\’s go to Ancient Xuanzong.\”What to do there? Sen Luo puzzled.I haven\’t heard the man say that Ancient Xuanzong is making a selection to join the sect. Let\’s find out.Shanghai said: \”This place should not be far from the so-called Ancient Xuanzong. Perhaps father and mother have been there.\”Yes, let\’s go then.Chapter 1163 Ancient XuanzongThe traces left by the mysterious thunder beast linger, as long as you follow along, you don’t worry about not finding the ancient Xuanzong, just to avoid trouble, Shanghai keeps a long distance from the group of people you met before, but the other party did not notice them. Follow.Along the way, occasionally I will meet some cultivators from the past.Seeing these cultivators, Senluo was surprised again and again, because the cultivators encountered were at the lowest level of the Holy Master, and many of them were even at the highest level. , Even in the entire Great Wilderness World, the Holy Lord and the Highest Holy Lord are already considered first-rate powerhouses.In the lower heavens of God\’s Domain, these levels can only be regarded as the lowest.Compared with Sen Luo’s fuss, Shanghai is nothing strange, because he has already understood that the lowest level in the lower heavens of God’s Domain is at the level of the Holy Lord and the Highest Holy Lord, and this realm is collectively called the Holy Order in the God’s Domain. .Flying all the way, Shanghai noticed that many past cultivators were heading in the same direction, and most of them were young and powerful. The two of them traveled together.

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