The place where they settled today, in a psychological word, was selected by Jane Xi. The scenery is very beautiful. Green mountains, green waters, deep pools, waterfalls and green grasslands are like ink paintings on the earth. With a sense of beauty, Jane Xi reminds her of the green pool where she and her classmates went on a field trip on the earth. The place where she spent a night with Yu Muyang is very similar to here, It\’s just that there are no fireflies, but instead of small blue flowers growing on the green grass on the ground, they emit a faint blue light after dark. They look like stars. They complement each other with the full moon in the sky, which is very fantastic and beautiful. Moreover, the aura here is also very thick. Jian Xi has also arranged a spirit gathering array while laying down the defense array, It makes the place more Aura rich, the little blue flowers are more and more beautiful, and the shimmer seems to be much brighter.

The revenge is to be revenge, but the loneliness does not want to die like this, at least before revenge.Lin Xiaozi, I\’m afraid we are in trouble now… Dugu Sanming said in a deep voice. He felt that his luck was so stolen, and finally he could take revenge, but an accident happened again. The original advantage was gone. Still completely at a disadvantage.It depends on the situation.Shanghai squinted his eyes and his expression remained the same. There was no change. The two gods would appear. This was beyond his expectation, but he was not afraid that there would be an evil god, and there would be no big problem in keeping his life.The two appeared in the incarnation, and they were the Nantian Boss and Zheng Haoran.In an instant!The two people looked at each other.Old Monster Nantian\’s face was terrifyingly dark, while Zheng Haoran looked indifferent, looking up and down the three people in Shanghai.As for Shanghai, his expression remained the same, and he naturally accepted the gaze of these two people, without any strange expression.This posture made the Nantian boss and Zheng Haoran unpredictable. At the same time, Zheng Haoran was also secretly surprised. He and the Nantian boss are both gods, and their eyesight contains powerful pressure. This kid has been able to bear it without changing his face. This kind of ability is already amazing in the younger generation.The origin of this son is not simple…Zheng Haoran speculated in his heart.Soon!Zheng Haoran stood up. This was when the two came to discuss secretly, mainly because the origins of Shanghai and the mysterious gods were unknown.In the middle level of the Heavenly Inverse Sea in the Lower God\’s Domain, Zheng Haoran, I don\’t know the name of my friend. Zheng Haoran said loudly, directly reporting his name and origin.Gods and generals with fiefs in the middle of God\’s Domain…Dugu Sanming\’s face became darker. As a top-level god, he who has been in contact with the gods at this level naturally knows what these gods mean. In the middle level of the gods, the position between the gods and the gods is incomplete. On the other hand, the gods with fiefdoms are more powerful than those without fiefs, both in terms of strength and ability.and!There is no doubt that the god generals who can walk in the middle level of the gods\’ realm are much stronger than those of the lower levels of the gods\’ realm.I originally thought it was an ordinary god general, but I didn\’t expect it to be a mid-level god general. This time the trouble was not big, but extreme, and Dugu Sanming became anxious.

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