At this time, another monk also entered the hall and bowed his hands and said, \”inform the master that the three young masters have returned and have just entered the house.\”.

Shanghai had already blasted Jiujiao with a punch, and the Swire Seventh-style attacking might exploded. The huge body of the Jiujiao was shocked to retreat. At the center of the blow, the scales were smashed to pieces, and The nine unicorns on that head also broke.After sliding back ten thousand feet, the nine-cornered behemoth stiffened, and then fell to the ground, his vitality slowly disappeared, and he could not die anymore.Shanghai……Ming Qianyu looked at Shanghai in astonishment. After being stunned, his expression suddenly showed excitement, and the god next to him, seeing this situation, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and immediately swallowed a god. Tango sat cross-legged.Senior Ming. Shanghai swept over.Unexpectedly, you would be here. It would be great to see you. Ming Qianyu\’s face was full of excitement and joy, and suddenly remembered something, the smile on his face narrowed slightly, \”Since you left, Dahuang Everything has changed in the world.\”I have already returned to the Great Desolate World, and now it has become a new spirit world, and the ancient world has recovered. Shanghai continued.You already know? Since you already know, then I won\’t say this. Ming Qianyu sighed helplessly.I just know that the Great Wilderness world has changed drastically. By the way, Senior Ming, do you know about my grandfather and the spirit and spirit? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Senior Ling Zhantian? He shouldn\’t have died. As for the Lingshen line, it should probably be in the middle heaven of God\’s Domain. I don\’t know exactly where it is. But I can be sure that they should not have died. Ming Qianyu said.real?Shanghai was beaming, and he was not sure whether his grandfather and others had come to the middle of the gods. Since Ming Qianyu was so sure, it means that grandpa and the others have a great chance of survival, and it is even possible that they have come to the middle of the gods.This is indeed possible, because when the great famine changed in the past, we all got some ancient inheritance, and then were taken away by the major forces in the middle of the gods. I don\’t know where the people are. Over the years, I inquired many times, but only found three people, all of whom belonged to other branches.Ming Qianyu sighed slightly: \”However, I will continue to look for them. As long as they are alive, sooner or later I can find them.\”Yeah! Shanghai nodded in agreement.Leave aside, you are pretty good now, your strength has become so tyrannical. If your grandfather knew about it, you would definitely be very happy. Ming Qianyu\’s eyes were full of approval, and his expression dimmed immediately, \”I don\’t know Yu Yan. Wherever she went, I hope she is in peace.\”Ming Yuyan…The heart of Shanghai was slightly touched, and the cold but fanatical woman was extremely attractive to him, not to mention that the two had practiced the Dragon and Phoenix Following Techniques, and they had known each other a long time ago. The other party\’s intention is just that it has not been able to break it.She must be fine, Shanghai said.Yeah! Ming Qianyu nodded slightly, and then suddenly noticed the distance, \”Hey, what kind of light is that? Could it be the treasure guarded by the nine-horned beast? Shanghai, go and get it quickly, lest it be found and robbed. gone.\”

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