Maybe it will be very novel at the beginning, but after a long time, it will be disgusted. Poor Gao Shuang thinks he has done so well, but he is mistaken by intelligence!

And Shanghai\’s growth has also reached its extreme. Fighting against the three old monsters can only last forty breaths each time, and it can\’t go any further.Perhaps because the time is approaching, the three old monsters are looking forward to it. This year, especially in the next few months, they have been forced to die soon, not to mention the consumption, and occasionally they were pressed by Shanghai.For a moment, they just can\’t play assassins.Chapter 1299A year ago, the Eighth House was floating, and many strong men were secretly sent to investigate, but for a whole year, the Eighth House and the Sixteenth Pavilion, as well as the peaks of the Thirty-Two Peaks, have been investigated a lot. The person that Huashen Palace was looking for seemed to have completely disappeared.The rest of the Seventh House suspected that it might have been deliberately released by the Huashen Palace, in order to make it difficult for the Seventh House to distinguish between true and false in the future in the fight for the strong. After three or four months, the Seventh House began to give up. , Only Huajinggong still perseveres.Outside the Huashen Palace!A deacon in a golden robe has a tense complexion. Over the past year, there has been a lot of movement, and even Huashen Palace has been affected. These are not problems. What puzzles him most is where and why. Will disappear out of thin air?In the roster, all the people who should be looked for have already been found, but there is no one that matches. Didn\’t the newly promoted power enter the temple of entry, but instead left the temple of Qiantian? Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, he has already checked, that the newly promoted powerhouse did indeed get through the first floor of the black prison and was sent to the entrance hall.This person’s qualifications will inevitably be sent to the eighth house by the deacons who have been entered into the temple, but last year’s new powerhouses have checked it out. Without this person, even the three deacons who have personally met have confirmed it. Among the newcomers, this person does not exist.Could it be!Did people really disappear out of thin air?Deacon Jinpao kept thinking about this problem that had troubled him for a long time. Judging from his years of experience, he might have missed something.When I arrived at the entry hall, I didn’t enter…Could it be…Deacon Jinpao’s face sank. He has cultivated for more than 70,000 years. His experience is so rich. He immediately thought of some things that have a small chance but are very likely to happen. They are man-made events, that is, those who entered the temple. The deacon did not record this person in the roster.It may be an accidental mistake, or it may be deliberate…This kind of thing is not uncommon. As long as there are people, there will be disputes over interests, and those who have disputes will have contradictions. Even in the fair God Temple, there will be some small tricks. This is It cannot be completely avoided.If this is the case, then the location of our main investigation before is completely wrong… The Deacon Jinpao suddenly realized, and immediately waved a golden light from the cuff.After a while!

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