Shangguanbo\’s face was a little ugly. He hurriedly said, \”Jane Xi, let me come\” to replace Jane Xi to heal.

The old monsters who had already retreated to the side started talking on the spot.Chapter 1208Looking at the nine chains with special patterns, the four messengers\’ expressions sank. Unexpectedly, this Shanghai was ignorant and wanted to resist desperately.The light of the fireflies also wants to compete with the sun and the moon.Huh! Do you think resistance is useful?A tall and thin messenger on the left activated an inverse pattern and grabbed Shanghai\’s shoulder directly, \”Kneel down to the god.\”Nine chains with special patterns surround the body, and Shanghai drew out a snow-white sword, which was a fifth-grade artifact obtained by ancient Xuanzong in the past. When he got up and moved, thousands of ice crystals emerged, and the ice-cold rhythm covered the surroundings. The terrifying ice crystal killed the tall and thin envoy.Kaka…Ice crystals covered the tall and thin messengers, this scene shocked the old monsters present, and even the other three messengers couldn\’t help but change their color slightly.Three-Rank Divine Skill…This son actually realized the three magic skills…You can comprehend the third-grade magical skills at the first world-sovereign level. What an astonishing level of comprehension should this child have reached.Many old monsters exclaimed again and again.To know the third-class magical skills, even the bosses present, few can comprehend it. Only those with aptitude and amazing understanding can have the opportunity to comprehend the third-class magical skills.Driven by the chain of nine special patterns, the power of these three grades of magical skills is indeed terrifying. The old folks even feel that this power has almost surpassed the level of the first-level gods. The big change is because it is facing a high-level god, and it is also a messenger sent by the gods.Bang!The ice crystal burst, and the tall and thin messenger was full of hideous expressions, because there was a shallow scratch on his face, which was injured by the ice crystal. Although he did not bleed, he was a high-level god and a god. The messenger was accidentally injured by a junior in full view, and this was embarrassing.This God will make you regret for life…The tall and thin messenger was furious, and the palm of the original shot was covered with slivers of fluidity. The entire palm of the hand suddenly passed through the void and came to Shanghai in a flash. The power of the high-level gods pressed the third-grade artifact to buzz the sky cup. , Almost distorted.At this time!

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