She handed in almost all the \”papers\” of 100 kinds of medicinal materials this time. Although she answered all of them, she was not sure about two of them, because they were not the whole plant, but part of them. Moreover, their characteristics were not obvious, so it was difficult to judge. She also relied on memory, searched for the right goals, and then combined them with the real objects in front of her eyes.

Friend Lin Dao is not annoyed. I\’m just going to discuss matters. I have been with sister Ningxue for more than fifty years. I have already regarded her as my own sister. Although she and Lin Daoyou have already known each other before, but as a sister, I am my sister. , Can\’t watch my sister make a choice and ignore it, right? said ruthlessly.Shanghai did not say anything or say anything.In fact, sister Ningxue also mentioned some deeds about Friends of Lin Daoist with me. I have to say that the deeds of Friends of Lin Daoist are indeed beyond the reach of ordinary people. With Lin Daoyou\’s potential, as long as you continue to practice, you will surely have something in the future. Not a small achievement, said ruthlessly slowly.If the average person hears this compliment, he will be inexplicably happy, but Shanghai does not, because he feels that there are other meanings in the ruthless words.The ruthless daoist has something to say directly.Since Lin Daoyou said so, I won\’t be ruthless. Ruthlessly said, \”How about Lin Daoyou\’s qualifications? Is his ability comparable to a god king?\”You can only say that the qualifications in Xia are average, comparable to the King of Gods… Ruthless fellow Taoists joked. They are only in the realm of the Fifth World Sovereign, and there are still two realms away from the King of Gods. Unless they reach the level of the Seventh Sovereignty, they may be comparable to the King of Gods. Shanghai said.It\’s not a bad thing that Lin Daoyou can distinguish between himself and the god king. I think that Lin Daoyou\’s arrival this time should be for the inheritance of the ancient god emperor Yu? said ruthlessly.Didn\’t you all have the same purpose? Shanghai asked not to answer, his tone was a little unpleasant. This ruthlessly said it might as well say it straight, but still talking around the corner, since the other party said so, then he just responded like this.Yes, my purpose is the same, but we almost have no chance. Fellow Lin Daoist comes from the middle heaven of the gods. It should be clear that there are not only many gods, but also four imperial palaces. The heirs of, as well as the four kings of the Primordial Powers, these characters have the opportunity to obtain the inheritance of the Primordial Divine Emperor Yu. Because of their abilities, they are even comparable to the gods. I am afraid that Lin Daoyou does not know that these characters have The inheritance of the god emperor, said ruthlessly.Yeah! I\’ve heard of this. Shanghai nodded.If this is the case, how can Fellow Lin, who has the strength of the Fifth World Zun realm, compete with them? Having said this ruthlessly, he said mercilessly: \”It\’s not that I think Fellow Lin is poor in tolerance, but the difference in realm. Fellow Lin Daoist should know better than me.\”I admit, I\’m not as good as them.Shanghai said frankly: \”But the inheritance of the ancient god emperor is not that whoever is strong can get it. The most important thing is to see who has the opportunity, isn\’t it?\”You are reasonable in what Lin Daoyou said, but chances are something you can meet but not ask for, and you may not be able to get it. To put it bluntly, Lin Daoyou\’s strength is actually not a big deal in this ancient god emperor heritage. In the face of so many terrifying opponents, there is also the King of Gods, and Fellow Daoist Lin is still fighting for the inheritance of Emperor Yu of the ancient times, how can Fellow Dao have enough power to protect Sister Ningxue? The ruthless tone became sharp.Hearing these words, Shanghai was slightly startled.Although ruthless words are harsh, they are not unreasonable. That\’s right, under the eyes of the enemies, is he still capable of protecting Mu Ningxue? It\’s hard to say, and he can\’t guarantee that, for a moment, his heart was slightly shaken, mainly because of Mu Ningxue\’s safety, so he had to shake.She seemed to notice that Shanghai\’s thoughts were shaking, and she continued ruthlessly, saying: \”Friend Lin, I know that you have a deep relationship with Sister Ningxue, but what if she encounters a crisis of death again?\”Fallen…Shanghai trembled, and the scene of the Eastern Wilderness in the Great Wilderness World could not help appearing in her mind. At that time, Mu Ningxue stood in front of her and blocked a fatal blow for herself, but she disappeared at that moment.

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