The Danshi tower is not far away. Jian Xi jumps a few times, but it is only about 30 meters away from the Danshi tower.

Within the Zhengmeng, a group of figures flew out, some were light and incomparable, some were heavy as a mountain, some were as light as a cloud, and some even carried a glorious person like a galaxy. These are gods of perish. The core powerhouse of the alliance, whether it is the cultivation technique, the magical skill, or the inheritance obtained, is ranked among the top of the same generation.On the top floor of Zhengmeng, there are three halls.These three halls are called Shaomeng Hall. Inhabited are the three Shaomeng of the Perish God League and the future leaders. The three halls are called Qianye Hall, Moyu Hall, and Xingluo. Hall, these three halls are named after the three young leagues.In the Palace of Thousand Nights!The rare and extremely rare leaf petals of the god flower floated down slowly and hit the jade pond. A graceful body lay in the jade pond. After the leaf petal of the god flower leaf fell, it gradually merged into the jade pond, lying warmly in the jade pond. The stunning beauty.At this time!A beautiful shadow quickly rushed into the hall. This woman was wearing a silver-gold gauze. She was a strong female core member of the Perish League.See Lord Qianye. The woman in silver and gold gauze saluted respectfully.Is it about the anti-drum ringing and the opening of the road against the sky? A slightly lazy and flat voice came from inside.Yes!Needless to say, the person who strikes the counter drum can come to me again after five hundred miles.Yes! The woman in silver and gold gauze responded and quickly retreated.Among the jade yarn, a pair of amethyst autumn water eyes showed through, and their eyes were full of indifferent colors. After watching the woman in silver and gold yarn go away, the owner of these eyes slowly said: \” Turn it on, now someone is heading for the road against the sky, I don\’t know how far this person can go, two, do you want to take a gamble?\” The voice spread quickly.After a while, two voices came one after another.Sister Qianye is so elegant, how dare I not agree.I don\’t know what Senior Sister Qianye is going to bet on? The two voices are different, but the tones are full of majesty, and it is the other two young leagues.Bet on how far this person can go.How to calculate the outcome?It\’s also very simple. The winner can make a request to the loser. This request is within the ability to complete. Qianye said quietly.Sister Qianye, your bet is a bit big.

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