\”A friar who is not an alchemist can only ask someone from the alchemy tower and get permission to meet except the staff of the alchemy tower. Then there is the definition of cultivation. Like the younger generation, only the cultivation in the early stage of Jindan, I\’m afraid I won\’t have a chance to enter the Alchemy tower in my life.\” Zhang Rong\’s face was also disappointed.

dream!Why do you deserve it? Bi Yuelan\’s mouth showed ridicule.You have to force me to take action… well, wait and see how I deal with you, I\’m afraid you won\’t have the strength to shout by then…The evil king Yin smiled, and immediately appeared in front of the second girl Bi Yuelan, his hands turned his claws, and there was evil electricity between them, and he grabbed the second girl’s shoulder directly, and the direction of his hand was actually the clothes on the second girl’s body. Once caught, the second daughter will inevitably be exposed.Shameless… Bi Yuelan\’s beautiful eyes were angry, and she slammed her hands on the Qinqin, fiddled with her hands under her anger.呲…Nine fairy shadows sprang out.And this time it’s not nine fairies, but nine celestial shadows exactly the same as Bi Yuelan, each holding a god-destroying piano in each hand, as if nine people are playing together, the void is completely shaken, and the endless rhythm is broken. Out of space, Shenqin Qiyin was completely incorporated into it.not good……The evil king\’s face changed instantly. He originally thought that Bi Yuelan\’s two daughters were of average strength, but he didn\’t expect to be so terrible. He quickly retracted his hands, but it was already a step too late. Body.There was a sharp pain in the fingers, and the ten fingers of both hands were twisted, and blood flowed across the board. The evil king was angry, anxious, and even more annoyed. He quickly stepped back, but the rhythm did not stop. Bi Yuelan fiddled with Mu Ning again and again. Xue Xue blessed on the side, constantly inputting extremely pure power.Under the joint efforts of the two women, the Evil King kept retreating.chant……A strand of hair was cut off at one end, and then there was a crash. The clothes on the Evil King\’s body were chopped up by the rhythm. The whole person was disheveled and embarrassed. His constant wave of power resisted the endless rhythms, and the more he resisted , The more frightened.Even the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and the others who were watching not far away were surprised. They did not expect Bi Yuelan\’s strength to be so terrifying that even the Evil King, one of the four great ancient young kings, could hardly resist.Enough! Evil King, don\’t miss our important affairs, and go. Xing Luo came out, holding the main emperor weapon halberd, he directly shattered the dense rhythm.Senior Brother Xing, leave these two girls to me… the evil king said quickly.Humph! Xingluo snorted coldly. The evil king behind felt the pressure of the terrifying aura, shut his mouth quickly, and glared at Bi Yuelan with regret and hatred. He knew that he couldn\’t play with them anymore. , I can\’t vent the hatred that I have just felt.call out……The main imperial weapon war halberd in Xingluo\’s hand slashed towards Bi Yuelan, and a ray of light emerged from the sky, and the dense rhythm was chopped up. In a flash, he had already arrived in front of Bi Yuelan.

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