\”How fragrant ~\” Jane Xi whispered to herself and walked towards the old man. Zhang Rong only dared to stand quietly by the door and no longer move forward. It was not because the old man was only one level higher than him in the initial cultivation of Yuanying, but the breath and aura naturally emitted from the old man, which made him dare not take another step forward.

It shouldn\’t be it. The Bitter Demon City and the Blood Demon City have already negotiated, and they cannot attack each other for five hundred years.I said so, but who can tell if there is going to be a war.Anyway, it has nothing to do with us, whoever wins and loses will not affect us.The strong and the ancient gods and demons in the bitter demon city talked a lot. Some guessed that a big battle would take place, and some guessed that something might have happened. The opinions were divided.call out……The city lord Yin Long flew in front, his face tightened into a ball, and the two deputy city lords behind were located on the left and right wings, their expressions freely.City Lord, although the silver-haired boy\’s strength is difficult to estimate, there is no need to mobilize people like this. I can capture them in one fell swoop. The tall lieutenant on the left said disapprovingly.Do you think that the city lord is just trying to save Tianjun? This is just one of them, and there is another reason, I have to go to confirm it myself. Yin Long glanced at the two, his expression revealing a hint of deep meaning.Another reason? The two lieutenants were slightly startled.Um!Yin Long nodded slightly, \”Have you not heard those guys who have been captured say that when these people were captured by the silver-haired boy, more than half of their own strength disappeared inexplicably…\”It\’s probably caused by some secret method.Otherwise, what else is there?I think so too, the secret method that can limit the power of the ancient gods and demon… these secret methods are not ordinary secret methods, if they can be in our hands…think about it, don\’t talk about the blood demon city, the larger city we All can be conquered, how many treasures should be plundered at that time…Yin Long\’s eyes were full of ambitions. He was unwilling to be just a little bitter demon city lord, but his strength was limited and he couldn\’t break through in the short term, so he could only find other ways to improve himself.The two lieutenants’ eyes lit up, and they already understood Yinlong’s thoughts. If there is such a secret technique, even if it can only suppress 10% of the opponent’s power, it will give them a great advantage. After all, they are reaching the top god. After the magic level, as long as you don\’t meet those perverted guys, basically there is not much difference.And I heard that they also have the main emperor…The identity of the person who owns the main emperor weapon is probably not ordinary. If there are some difficult guys behind, I am afraid… The demon general on the right couldn\’t help but worry a little.You worry too much. This is the far north of the spiritual realm. Even if their status is detached, no one can find it here. Even if they can find it, do the Primordial Alliance and other forces dare to come and do it? There are frequent internal fights here, but if foreign enemies invade, they will inevitably pay the price. Yin Long said in a deep voice.The land of the far north of the spiritual realm is the place where the Primordial Gods and Demons dominate. Although it is chaotic and the Primordial Gods and Demons and many powerful people are fighting each other, this is only an internal struggle in the far north of the spiritual realm. If there is any If the foreign enemy invades, then the internal fighting will stop immediately and all mobilize to resist the foreign enemy.

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