Although I feel a little uncomfortable, from another angle, if people know what the materials of the heaven and earth house are, how much will it cost to buy them? It\’s estimated that you can\’t buy a tile after you sell it?

It will take at least forty years to complete the absorption. Anyway, Lingshen Island has entered an orderly development track, and I don\’t need to bother about it… Shanghai Xin said. Just about to continue to absorb the power of the god emperor\’s inheritance, suddenly there was a tremor in Tiangang Ring.Um?Shanghai opened the Tiangang Ring and took out a milky white sound transmission stone. This object was given by the Emperor Tianyu when he was in the Four Great Emperor\’s Palaces in the past. It was said to be used for contact.Your Excellency Shanghai, I\’m waiting for the news that there is a real person in Tiangang, please come to Tianyu Imperial Palace as soon as possible. It was the old man with golden armor.The news of the real Tiangang…Shanghai\’s heart shuddered, without any hesitation, and quickly put away the remnants of the god emperor\’s inheritance, swept across his body, and rushed towards the Tianyu Imperial Palace.Chapter 1591 Father and Daughter TwoIn the Tianyu Emperor Palace!In the Golden ArmorUnder the leadership of Zi, Shanghai saw God Emperor Tianyu again. Although it didn\’t look much different from the last time, he keenly felt that the God Emperor Tianyu in front of him was more terrifying than the last time. Although it was not visible on the surface, it was connected. The eye of the sky can\’t penetrate, but the perception can detect it.Obviously, God Emperor Tianyu recovered some strength.Senior! Shanghai arched his hands.Well, we did a deal before. The Four Great Emperor Palaces helped you find the real person of Tiangang, and you helped us open the fairyland, shouldn\’t it be wrong? Tianyu God Emperor said.Yes! Shanghai nodded.That\’s good. The Emperor Tianyu nodded, \”We have found the whereabouts of the real person Tiangang, but it is quite special there. The emperor will personally take you there. I hope that after you meet the real person Tiangang, you will fulfill what you had done before. What was said.\”Seniors can rest assured that what I say will not go back. Shanghai said.Okay, I hope you remember what you said. The Emperor Tianyu took a deep look at Shanghai, without saying anything, and with a wave of his hand, the entire Tianyu Emperor Palace disappeared without a trace like a torn picture. It is replaced by the vast starry sky.The golden armored men and others who followed closely showed envy in their eyes.This is the unique heaven and earth power of the god emperor. It can travel thousands of miles with a wave of hands. It can even cross a domain. As long as the god emperor likes it, he can travel between the god and spirit realms at will. There is no need for any teleportation array at all. Ability is something the quasi god emperor can\’t possess.In the vast starry sky, star rivers emerged, many meteorites flowed, and there were so many stars in the past. God Emperor Tianyu stepped out, and in just one step, he shuttled at least one star field. So capable, even knew the God Emperor. Shanghai, which is so capable, can\’t help being shocked.

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