No, no, I\’ll do it. It\’s time to talk about me when the milk comes back. Li Chengyue was a little flattered and quickly refused. If she sees her sister-in-law working, she can\’t skin her?

If she is an immortal, she must have known Dragon Mother before. Why didn\’t she say everything clearly? It\’s just half of the story, but let yourself guess? Is it intentional? Or was it revealed unintentionally? Shanghai suddenly became a little confused.If you want to find out everything about your past, you first start with the origin of your life, and then you can learn about the things in the previous life. Long Mu\’s voice echoed in Shanghai\’s heart.The origin of this life… Shanghai frowned, \”Then where is the origin of my life?\”This is the question of your parents in this life.parents……Shanghai suddenly thought of something, that mysterious wonderland, where the soul of the Thunder God Emperor remained. When the parents went there, the soul was sucked into the mother\’s belly. If you count it, the Thunder God Emperor could not be regarded as his own. A generation?Mother Long didn\’t make a sound anymore, and Shanghai knew that if she kept asking, she couldn\’t ask anything, so she could only find everything on her own.Fortunately, I have a source for myself.It seems we have to leave this place as soon as possible, and then head to the upper heaven of God\’s Domain. Shanghai Xin said. At this time, everything in front of him disappeared, and in his vision, there was a unique courtyard, and the dragon mother and everything seemed to be dreaming.But Shanghai knows that this is not a dream, but a reality.Shanghai, you can go now. Yan Wushuang returned.Um!Shanghai nodded.The two of them walked in front of each other towards the Demon Temple.I don’t know how long it has been flying, a great hall was in front of me, and I saw that the periphery of the hall was full of guards. There are three big monsters guarding.Yan Wushuang stepped forward, took out a special token, and handed it to the guard demon. Seeing the token, the leading demon immediately turned back and went to report to the three big monsters.Shanghai was ready for a big battle, but unexpectedly, after the return of the demon, the gate of the demon temple opened.Come on, that token is forged, I don\’t know how long it can last. Yan Wushuang pulled Shanghai and quickly walked towards the Demon Temple.Just as the two were about to step into the hall of demons, three terrifying great demons surged, and three angry demons swept out from the side of the hall.The token is fake, stop them.

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