Second sister, please eat. I don\’t want to eat now. Li Siyu pushed her, a little bored. A little food, these people push around, for a while they all smell.

I am not dead, I am Emperor Huntian, get up and kill me.Old Immortal, wake up soon… Shanghai went mad, shaking the old Immortal\’s body, but Old Immortal did not move at all. The last trace of life turned into nothingness, and then his body turned into tiny spots of light. Melt into the sky.Watching this scene, Mu Ningxue and the other women burst into tears. They also knew Lao Wudi and knew the position of Lao Wudi in Shanghai. They were both teachers and friends, and they faced life and death and embarrassment and adversity together. It\’s nothing more than that.Seeing the old undead turned into particles, Shanghai\’s body was trembling violently, his eyes staring forward blankly, and it was difficult to accept the facts in front of him for a while.boom……On the top of the sky, the situation of heaven and earth was constantly changing, and the phantom of the old immortal slowly disappeared, and finally turned into the situation of heaven and earth.If Yao Zhizun is dead, who else can stop me in this world? A very cold voice came from the depths of the sky, and I saw the first demon emperor Yu slowly walk out, the whole body was filled with the breath of power that overwhelmed the heavens and the earth. Compared to before, Zhe Yu, the first demon emperor, was even more terrifying.The purple fox and Wu Tian two women took the lead in reacting, rushing to the front, ready to take action to resist the first demon emperor Zhe Yu.Two half-god emperors want to stop me? What a joke. The first demon emperor Zhe Yu sneered and raised his hand casually.chant……Two black vortexes rose from the feet of the purple fox and Wu Tian Ernv and enveloped them in an instant. The second woman quickly waved all her power, but she still couldn\’t suppress the two black whirlpools. She could only watch her being caught by the black whirlpool. sleepy.Purple fox… Wu Tian… Shanghai reacted, looking at the first demon emperor Zhe Yu\’s eyes, full of extreme hatred, and when his figure moved, he was about to pass by, and suddenly a force of force grabbed him. , Surprisingly it was the Emperor Xiaoyao who made the shot.Don\’t go, you are not his opponent. The Emperor Xiaoyao said solemnly.If you don\’t go, they…That is their fate…Destiny… the death of the undead is also his destiny? Shanghai said solemnly.Yeah! Emperor Xiaoyao nodded.What bullshit destiny, even if it is their destiny, I will break it. Shanghai said angrily, Lao Wudie is already dead, he can\’t just watch Zihu and Wutian die, and if he moves, he will kill him.Shanghai, if you pass by, then everything is over. They can still be saved, and Yao Zhizun, he is just a body destroyed, the mark still exists in this world… If you die, then no one can save them. .Imprint… Shanghai was startled.

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