When you see the Baijiu and brown sugar on the table, you see the same thing as you can see.

The calm man was saying, \”young master, when you came out, the owner had told us that J City in the north is not within the reach of our Jia family. Let me see you don\’t act as you like. Some things happen and don\’t end well\”. \”What\’s wrong with ending up? It\’s just two women, not killing them. What are you afraid of? The vice mayor you\’re looking for and Yu Hongdu are unfair about this matter? Besides, if you spend more money afterwards, nothing will happen. How can women not love money now?\” Jia Lei said indifferently. The calm middle-aged man glanced at Yu Hong, who dared not interrupt next to him, and said, \”boss Yu, I want to say something to the young master. Can you avoid it, please?\” Yu Hong\’s rare old face reddened for a moment, quickly answered and quickly stepped out of the luxury private room. Glancing at the closed door, the calm middle-aged man said: \”Young master, although this place is remote, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee is from the Fang family. If we just investigate or do something that makes them unable to get evidence in their territory, the owner still has a way to solve it. However, if we rob people in the street, it will be difficult for the owner to end. Please think twice.\”. \”Why? I\’ve caught all of them. Do you want me to send them back? When did Jia Lei do such a cowardly thing? What happened to the Fang family? I don\’t believe they will turn against our Jia family for two little girls. Although they are the top family, they are also the worst of the top families. The Jia family is not what they want. I think these three thin noodles, They can still give it. \”Jaray still won\’t let it go. Chapter 111 rescue (I) The calm middle-aged man\’s face flashed angrily, lowered his head and secretly annoyed \”how can the family send such a simple minded, developed limbs, insufficient success and more than failure to come here? If he is allowed to be the owner in the future, the decline of the family is not far away\”. \”Young master, Jia Fei still hopes you can let the two girls go. There\’s no need to do this. If you want to find girls to play, you can let Yu Hong find those willing virgins. It\’s not bad,\” Jia Fei can only continue to advise. \”One of the two girls is a top-grade product. It\’s not much worse than the one we want to investigate. It\’s not easy to find such a girl again. How can I release the fat in my mouth? It\’s pure Yin constitution. After sucking her, I can easily enter the second floor or even the third floor. As long as I don\’t kill her, it\’s no big deal? Ha ha, Jia Fei, You think too much. Go out with LV Qiang, but don\’t spoil my good deeds. If you want to satisfy your greed, I don\’t mind. When you\’re done, you\’ll be happy, ha ha ha. \”Jia Lei\’s laughter is very presumptuous and reckless. Jian Xi and Xin Yu\’s divine sense swept to the 17th floor. If it had been yesterday, their divine sense could not have reached so far. Now they have reached the limit of their divine sense. They are also relieved to see that Ruo Nan and Yuanyuan are all right for the time being, but Jia Lei\’s persistence also raised their hearts, The two have no time to think about whether the Jia family will determine whether they did the border because of this matter. The current level is more urgent. Jia Fei must not stop Jia Lei for long. They have to do it as soon as possible. Shenzhi continued to stare at the 17th floor. They had entered the elevator. When Jia Lei laughed wildly, they had watched the elevator door open on the 16th floor. The elevator in the hall doesn\’t go straight to the 17th floor, but there is a special elevator. Jane Xi can\’t open the elevator, so they can only be the elevator for ordinary tenants. After arriving at the 16th floor, Jane Xi looked at the two cameras installed in the corner of the corridor. Xinyu also had an idea. Two ice spikes passed, and all the cameras were broken and lost their function. Open a window, the cold wind blew in, and they didn\’t hesitate. He quickly climbed out and climbed up the wall to the window on the 17th floor. It couldn\’t be easier for both of them. Xinyu smashed the glass with his elbow and jumped into the 17th floor with a cold wind, followed by Jane Xi. Jian Xi has turned on his mobile camera. As soon as Xin Yu raises his hand, two ice spikes pass. The camera was broken like the 16th floor. Xinyu rushes into several big men who have just reacted. Jian Xi holds a mobile phone in one hand. It\’s so easy to block with one hand. These big men are only stronger than ordinary people. Jian Xi and Xin Yu didn\’t dare to bring any aura, because they might kill people if they were not careful. Fortunately, the boxing strength has been controlled very finely during her practice with Xin Yu. One punch hit the big man who was more than half a head higher than Jane Xi. The big man immediately foamed at his mouth and fainted to the ground. The two people had clever footwork. They shuttled among dozens of big men. One person would fall out when they punch or leg. At this time, someone took out a knife and waved it to the two people. Yu Hong had heard the news and rushed out of another room. He recognized that they were the people to be investigated in the photo and commanded his men to stop. These people were like moving sandbags to Jane Xi. They all fell down in less than half a minute. Jian Xi and Jia Lei are already very nervous. Jia Lei has begun to rush into the inner room and tear Ruo Nan and Yuanyuan\’s clothes regardless of Jia Fei\’s dissuasion. The two girls are frightened and scream. The private room has good sound insulation and is separated by two doors. The screams of the two girls have covered the movement outside.

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