Li Siyu didn\’t want to talk to him and went home without talking.

Really! Grandma, I\’d like to eat goose stewed potatoes best. WOW! It\’s delicious! There are waterlogged jellyfish. I\’m going to serve rice now. I\’m starving to death. Jane Xi happily went to serve three bowls of rice. To tell you the truth, she has done a lot of work with magic and divine knowledge in the small world. She is really hungry. When she sees her favorite food, the greedy insect has already been led out. After they were busy preparing, the three took their seats. Jane Xi said impatiently, \”Grandpa and grandma, let\’s — start –\” with that, the chopsticks had reached a piece of goose After the three had finished their meal, Jane Xi washed the dishes, and then returned to the living room. Jane Xi explained the existence of Jane nan to the second old man. \”What? Old ancestor, it was more than a thousand years ago?\” Jane Dongjian repeated somewhat inconceivably. \”Yes! I don\’t know what enemy I met. I only beat grandpa to the yuan God. I lived in the ring he wore for more than a thousand years. But the reason grandpa didn\’t say is that the enemy is too powerful, or they have gone and are no longer on earth. It\’s good to say it?\” Jane Xi said uncertainly. \”Can your grandfather come out?\” Jian Dongjian asked tentatively. He still didn\’t believe this strange thing. Although he had accepted many other things beyond his common sense, this still made him half believe. \”Of course! Grandpa, wait!\” Jane Xi said. Her divine sense had communicated with Jane Nan. She saw Jane Nan\’s translucent spirit in the middle of the living room, but it was much stronger than before. \”Ah!\” although Grandma had some preparations, she was surprised by the spirit she had never seen before. Not fear, just an accident. \”You are a descendant of the Jane family. Is your name Dongjian? My name is Jane Nan. I was your ancestor more than a thousand years ago. Don\’t ask me how I know. Even though you all began to practice, you should know that there are many mysterious spells that can be used not only in combat, but also elsewhere. As for my identity, if you have a genealogy, you should also find me.\” Jane smiled. Chapter 221 embarrassment \”The genealogy has long been lost, but I heard my grandfather say that the ancestors of the Jane family had been immortals. At that time, I thought what grandpa said was just their imagination. Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, it\’s really not groundless! The legends handed down by the older generation are all true.\” Jian Dongjian seemed to himself, It was like talking to everyone, but his face was full of memories. \”Is there no other descendants of the Jane family?\” Jane Nan was eager to know. He once asked Jane Xi. Of course, Jane Xi didn\’t know. At least, she had never seen or heard other Jane family people. \”No, only Jane Xi, Xin Yan and I. The Jane family passed on to me in a single line, but we had a daughter. The daughter gave birth to a daughter, and the blood of the Jane family can only continue on her daughter. Fortunately, Jane Xi has removed the Mo surname, and the surname Jane is still a member of my Jane family,\” Jian Dongjian said in a deep voice. \”Of course, my grandfather died long ago, my father was persecuted to death during the cultural revolution, and my mother left with him. I grew up in the curse of \’the son of the revolutionary reactionaries\’ and married Ruoyu, who was unknown at that time. I was connected with the same disease and have relied on each other until now. According to my grandfather, for many generations, I don\’t know why, it\’s just a family There is only one male in a generation, but few girls are born occasionally. Most of them are just a boy. It\’s strange. No one knows why. Until my generation, there is no single transmission, only Xinyan has a daughter, and the daughter has only Xi\’er. However, I think there is blood in both men and women It\’s the blood of the Jane family, so the Jane family is not cut off, \”said Jian Dongjian. \”So it is.\” Jane Nan looked disappointed, but she was very pleased to see Jane Xi sitting on one side. Just a moment later, his old man\’s tone changed, and his words stunned Jian Dongjian, Fang Ruoyu and Jian Xi. \”But it doesn\’t matter. Dongjian, you\’re still young. Xinyan and Xixin are the same. Dongjian, you and Ruoyu can\’t have another one, and Xinyan is the same. No one can say that she will marry again in the future. Xier is even more 17 or 18 years old, and it\’s about time to have a lover. Dongjian, you can regenerate. I know this society now What do you care about? A couple and a child, but now you are all practitioners. There\’s no need to abide by that rule. I hope the blood of the Jane family doesn\’t just rely on girls to continue. If not, Xinyan or Xi\’er. If you get married and have children in the future, I hope a boy can be surnamed Jane. My biggest wish is that the Jane family has a future ! \”although Jiannan loves Jianxi very much, the story of the continuation of the blood of men in his bones is still very deep. If he can, he still hopes that Jane Dongjian and Fang Ruoyu can have another boy. There is only one child. It\’s too lonely. Now the population of Jane\’s family is so thin, why don\’t they have a chance? It\’s not that I can\’t afford it. However, his words made Jian Dongjian sitting there very embarrassed. Fang Ruoyu, who was in her thirties, also blushed instantly. She knew that since her physical function began to disappear with practice for many years, now it came again. It was not impossible for her to have another child, but she was already in her 60s. She had another child, Why don\’t you make people laugh? Besides, her grandson is still sitting there watching, which makes her old face so ashamed that she wants to find a seam to drill in. In Jian Nan\’s opinion, people in their 60s are not old. The longevity of immortals is generally much longer than that of normal people. It\’s not strange that they are old. He speaks very naturally, but all of you here have grown up in modern society. At once, they can\’t accept the strange thinking of the old ancestor.

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