My little girl still hurts.

How long haven\’t you heard anything other than grandpa? No, she went into the cave without snakes to avoid those snakes. The antidote pill didn\’t work well. Later, she didn\’t know anything. Is she dead? What\’s that sound? Why is it so ugly? A few thoughts flashed in my mind. I had ignored the ugly voice and the words I said before. I laboriously opened my eyes and soon adapted to the light in front of me, because the light was not very bright, but I could see everything in front of me. Gray black stone, high cave top – why is it still in the cave, lying down and trying to sit up, but the whole body is weak, and the spiritual power in the body is gone. \”I\’m still in that cave. Isn\’t all this a dream?\” She pinched herself with all her strength. She felt pain. It was not a dream. Everything that had happened before was real, and she had not left the terrible hole. She looked hard to the side. The source of the sound just now was the source of light. It was brighter. What was the light source‘ Huh? My pearl of the night? \” Jane Xi saw that the light source was the night pearl she had held before, but it was inlaid into the cave wall. Under the night pearl, there was a man with dark gray clothes, black hair, scattered, and his face was half bright and half dark by the halo. Jane didn\’t pay much attention to her farewell, but her eyes made Jane Xi\’s goose bumps, What kind of eyes are those? Green eyes and black pupils in the shape of football stand in the middle, staring at Jane Xi coldly. Jane Xi was frightened by this eye and suddenly closed her eyes, but then opened them again. The question in her heart was bigger. Where is this? Who is this man? Why is it so strange? \”Who are you?\” Jane Xi\’s voice trembled, weak and weak. When she spoke, she tried to avoid not looking at his eyes and looking at the ground, but it was better not to look. After looking, she regretted why she looked down. Under the man\’s feet, there are two huge snakes. I don\’t know whether they are Python or giant snake. The two snake heads are standing upright. They look at Jane Xi coldly and spit out long letters. Jane Xi wants to faint immediately. So many small snakes have numbed her scalp, but the two giant snakes in front of her are only seven or eight meters away from her, and Jane Xi can even see them in their eyes, He saw a hint of contempt. This man, this snake, my God, what\’s going on? Jane Xi didn\’t know. It was easy to sit up. She found that there was a large stone platform under her body. The stone platform was cool and comfortable, but the feeling of weakness still made her have no confidence. The man looked at her coldly, neither answered her immediately, nor allowed her to sit up in a very ugly posture. Such eyes and atmosphere made Jane Xi very uncomfortable. She had no choice but to ask again, \”who are you? Where am I now?\” She couldn\’t see the two snakes, so she had to stare at the man and ask. \”Female, I\’m the king here. You\’re in my home at the moment.\” there was evil charm and a faint sound in the cold voice. Jane Xi wondered how this strange sound came out. And \’females?\’ What is this? Jane Xi looked at the huge cave again, which was many times larger than the cave that fell before and later became a snake\’s nest. \”This broken cave has nothing. What\’s its name?\” \”What\’s the matter with me now, with those snakes?\” Jane went on with courage. \”You will recover from snake venom in the next seven or forty-nine days. Those little snakes are my people. If it bit you, I\’m afraid you would have died.\” the man\’s voice was as cold as ever.

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