Sample, you can\’t stand it if you say two words. What\’s your tolerance?

Elder brother, don\’t worry. The new recruits have almost trained this time, and their loyalty will never be a problem. Don\’t worry, I will never mix with a demon monk or a demon sect, ChiYan promised with a pat on the chest. \”You can\’t say enough, otherwise in case of a mistake, the loss is not something you and I can bear,\” the man in blue interrupted coolly. \”Dead fox. You can\’t spit out teeth from your mouth. I\’ll train my people. If you train your people, you can ensure that big brother has more eyes on the whole planet. Don\’t make eyes at that time,\” ChiYan also said sarcastically. \”My people are well trained, and they are constantly looking for some talented teenagers to cultivate since childhood, which not only ensures loyalty, but also can develop more potential new forces. How, better than you?\” Hu Li proudly pulled a broken fan and shook it. On his handsome face, he looked proud and didn\’t get a good beating. ChiYan was overpowered by Hu Li and shouted, \”well, you dead fox, you know how to cultivate since childhood? I also find someone to go out every once in a while to find a group of teenagers to cultivate. You can think of it and think I can\’t remember this move? But without the protection of my elite, I don\’t know if your eyes can always have such good eyesight? Hehehehehe\” when it comes to this, ChiYan smiled uninteresting. \”Do you think my people will only investigate information, track, monitor and lurk? I tell you, their force value and strength are not much worse than those lengtouqing who only know how to kill and kill, hum!\” Hu Li smashed the fan, put it in front of his chest, and slapped it several times with force. As soon as his face was raised to the side, he would be as flat as he wanted, Let one side of the point on the red inflammation is furious. \”Well, well, why do you quarrel as soon as you meet? It\’s really free for you. If you have nothing to do, I\’ll find some more for you?\” the man in black finally rubbed his temples and stopped with a voice. He only asked one word, and the two brothers didn\’t let him have the opportunity to say the second sentence. However, when the man in black spoke, ChiYan and Hu Li immediately restrained their previous laughter and scolding, and their faces became serious. Both of them bowed to the man in black and said, \”big brother\”. \”Eldest brother, we have trained ten groups of disciples, each with a total of 200 people. The lowest cultivation is the middle of the golden elixir and the highest is the early stage of getting out of the body. Now the ten person, 100 person and 1000 person arrays they form have also been practiced very well. Moreover, I also sent someone to slowly collect some children and teenagers over the age of six outside to start training, but for the sake of confidentiality, so At present, they are practicing in a secret place outside, which can ensure that there will never be any personnel fault here. Of course, the recruitment of adult disciples continues, and it is very hidden, and has not been discovered yet. \”ChiYan reported to the man in black with a serious face at this time. \”Well, we can\’t let anyone find our strength. There\’s nothing wrong with these people entering the \’fog gorge\’?\” the man in black asked with some worry, unable to tolerate an exception and unstable factor among these people. \”Don\’t worry, brother, everyone has used the means you taught,\” ChiYan replied with a grin. He is very confident. Can ordinary people crack the means of brother? \”Where are you, Hu Li?\” the man in black turned and looked like Hu Li in blue. \”It\’s almost the same with me. Now about 400 trained disciples in charge of information have gone out and entered some sects and industries. These people will lurk down, and intelligence has been continuously transmitted. Of course, I\’m also using ChiYan\’s trick, that is, I\’ve trained this type of talents since childhood \”It\’s of great use to come,\” Hu Li said with a smile, squinting at the broken fan. Although I was laughing, the light in my eyes was very serious. ChiYan and Hu Li looked at the eldest brother in front of them and were distracted by it. The tall man in black had a handsome face. Under the sword eyebrows, there were a pair of deep eyes, long eyelashes, a tall and straight bridge of the nose, and a pair of thin lips. The whole face line was clear, with the delicacy rarely seen in men and the firmness of men, If Jane Xi were here, she would recognize it immediately. Isn\’t that qijiehan star? Once with her, he was dressed in white, but now he is dressed in black, less soft, but more cold. He has been running away. Now he has some strength in this inaccessible place, but these are far from enough. He needs these people to grow and grow again. Therefore, he needs strength. ChiYan and Hu Li were both the people he saved on the way to escape. They were all very good. But when the enemy and we were not divided, qijiehanxing still used the \”soul seal formula\” to them. Qi Jiexin was recognized by the original owner of the \”fog gorge\” in the eyes of others when he was dying, so he also had this unique treasure land. It is also in this that three magical Dharma formulas are obtained: Soul seal formula (which makes people unknowingly loyal to the caster without affecting his mind); Soul pulling formula (it can make people absolutely loyal to someone without affecting their mind); Soul returning formula (the enchanted person loses his mind and blindly obeys all the orders of the enchanter) The \”soul seal formula\” is actually the formula that has the least impact on the person to be cast. It only imperceptibly affects the person\’s thinking orientation and makes him trust and loyal to the cast. Although the success rate of the formula is 100%, it requires the caster to devote a lot of energy to complete this formula. Although this formula has the best effect and is the safest, But it is not suitable for large-scale use. When ChiYan and Hu Ligang were just rescued by Hanxing, Hanxing could not trust them wholeheartedly, because he had too many secrets to allow a trace of betrayal.

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