Li Siyu nodded immediately and sat in the back seat.

When Duan Ling entered Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword, Fang Yang was shocked. \”What\’s the matter?\” Fang Yang asked in surprise. \”Boy, your sword is extraordinary! It\’s a weapon with space inside.\” suddenly, Duan Ling said. He frowned and Fang Yang thought: \”But I don\’t feel it. It feels like an ordinary Wang pin medium-level weapon.\” \”This sword is extraordinary. There is a mysterious space inside this sword, but I can feel that there is a prohibition on that mysterious space. The power of prohibition is very powerful. I can\’t go through the prohibition to see the interior of the space at all. I can only stay in the only corner of the space. It\’s definitely not an ordinary Wang pin\’s medium-level weapon.\” Duan Ling said slowly. He nodded. At this time, Duan Ling had entered the sword, which naturally proved that the sword was extraordinary. He slowly picked up the nine palace sword in his hand and flicked it. \”Hum!\” The sound of a clear and crisp sword roared, and Fang Yang\’s eyes glittered. At present, Fang Yang can\’t see what the nine palace sword is extraordinary, but since Ling said so, the nine palace sword must be extraordinary. After learning the news, Fang Yang was a little happy and didn\’t worry. Just wait to explore it slowly in the future. When his mind changed, Fang Yang said faintly: \”You can stay in this sword in the future, if

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