Wang Ye was embarrassed when he heard what she said. He never said a word. It won\’t make people think he\’s not happy.

The main city of the Longyuan Dynasty is in Tiance mansion, and the most elite forces of the Longyuan Dynasty are also in Tiance mansion. For example, there is only one first-class sect in other big mansion, and there are still dozens of Tiance mansion. Even those martial arts in the early Yang region such as Chen Jiuyin are the first in the Hunyuan mansion, and there are many powerful ones in Tiance mansion that can be compared. \”Tiance mansion shouldn\’t come specifically for the mysterious world. They\’re chasing a new scholar on the dragon and snake list. Yes.\” there\’s humanity. \”It\’s Fang Yang? I\’ve heard it too.\” \”ha ha, I also know that this boy is amazing. 50 million yuan is a Tianmai pill. I can\’t help but get involved in the cultivation of concentration.\” \”With this kind of reward, the boy hasn\’t died yet? It\’s strange.\” \”I don\’t know the details, but I heard that the boy even killed several dignified figures in the empty and dark world.\” \”Oh, what\’s the use of another means? He\’s also a hairy boy.\” people have different opinions on Fang Yang. Chen Jiuyin said: \”Fortunately, most of the people who came to our Hunyuan mansion this time were a group of martial artists in the empty and dark world. Although these people were born in the sect and had extraordinary strength, they would be greatly suppressed if they wanted to enter the mysterious world.\” \”This mysterious world has been proved, and the prohibition force is very strong. Only the martial arts below the empty and dark world can enter it in a full posture. If the martial arts in the empty and dark world want to enter it, their cultivation will be severely suppressed, which is equivalent to concentrating.\” Zhou Yingtian frowned and said: \”Well, it\’s a big blow to the martial arts in the empty and dark realm. The martial arts in the empty and dark realm are powerful and can be suppressed in the realm, but once they become a state of concentration, I\’m afraid many people will suffer.\” Chen Jiuyin nodded: \”That\’s right, so it\’s not convenient for us to directly enter the xuanjie this time. It\’s best to pick out the strong ones at the peak of the concentration realm and bring heavy treasures into it, which is much more powerful than the suppressed cultivation of the empty and dark realm.\” \”there are several martial artists at the peak of the concentration realm at Jinshan gate. Among them, the sharp ones are invincible in the empty and dark realm.\” Jin Zhengen quickly recommended. This action is very important. If Jin Fengrui can really make great achievements, it will certainly make the status of Jinshan gate more stable in Hunyuan mansion. \”Well, there are more people under your command who concentrate on the peak of the realm. I\’m determined to win this action! No matter what treasure you get, you can take me by yourself. However, I can reward those who have great achievements after coming out, but this cave must be mine!\” Chen Jiuyin said coldly. These words said that a violent force was rising around him, and his breath was threatening. Everyone around him was surprised and responded with a roar. If you want to play tricks in front of Chen Jiuyin, you are looking for your own death. Although you can\’t get to the cave, when you hear Chen Jiuyin say you can\’t tell what you got from it, everyone was happy. There must be an early sun in the mysterious world All kinds of treasures of the martial arts, especially in the cave handed down from ancient times, it must be valuable to pick out a xuanbing casually! Chen Jiuyin\’s voice was shocked: \”the xuanjie is about to open, you should make more preparations. Ying Tian, you should also do a good job of guarding, keep the number of people entering the xuanjie to a minimum, and some cats and dogs will be firmly blocked outside.\” \”yes!\” Zhou Yingtian replied in a deep voice.

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