Those with money and strength naturally have more security. Besides, Li Siyu also wants to cooperate with this person for a long time.

What I saw was on the top of everyone\’s head, where the spiral fine lines originally existed. After the golden light, the spiral fine lines had disappeared. Instead, there appeared a huge door leaf with gold casting edge. The door leaf was simple and strict, which filled the whole top floor, and all the people were looking up. \”The passage of the main mausoleum!\” Chen Si moved and flew up, shouting in front of the door. Black teeth and others also hurriedly suspended and followed in the past. Fang Yang looked at Zhan Chu. Several people were close to Chen Si. At this time, it was the safest to rely on CHEN Si. After approaching the golden door, you can feel the grandeur of the door more clearly. \”Sure enough, the main mausoleum leads to here! It seems that the space Dharma array in the hall hides the gate here. No wonder I can\’t find it. But as soon as the Dharma array is opened, the passage of the mausoleum will appear again.\” Chen Si looked at it with joy. If there is no accident, all the treasures in this beautiful mausoleum will be between the main mausoleums! Even if we can find the corpse of a warrior in the early Yang realm, it will benefit chensi greatly. It is here that I break through the early sun and enter the steps of the road of martial arts. Thinking of this, CHEN Si slapped his hands heavily on the golden door leaf, and the mysterious Qi surged between his muscles and muscles, crashing into the huge golden door leaf. Under CHEN Si\’s powerful but collision, the golden door leaf made a creaking sound. The huge golden door, which was at least ten thousand kilograms, was gradually pushed open, and a small gap opened, which immediately projected ten thousand feet of golden light. \”Here, I\’ll fight, open!!!\” Chen Si burst out, his body was burning, and he roared on the golden gate. The gap of the golden door leaf expanded rapidly, and the golden awn was dazzling, and then a traction force came from it. \”Go in!\” Chen Si moved and rushed in first, followed by Fang Yang and Chu. In the back, the black tooth group, the martial artists of Tiance mansion, and some outstanding people in the remaining forces followed one after another. A moment later, more than 100 people rushed into it. Without CHEN Si\’s continuous efforts, the golden gate was slowly buckled again. With a roar, the golden light in the whole hall converged in an instant, the Golden Gate disappeared, and the dusty thread reappeared on the top floor. Some martial artists who didn\’t come in time could only watch the Golden Gate disappear and regret for a while. The golden awn twinkled and suddenly retreated after a moment. When Fang Yang opened his eyes, he found that he had come to an extremely magnificent palace. \”The main mausoleum! Come in!\” Chen Si roared and laughed. Zhan Chu also swept around one after another and carefully looked at the palace here. The layout of the palace is extremely luxurious. The gold and jade columns are set at the top, and the world pavilions are resplendent. It is more appropriate to say that it is an imperial palace than a main mausoleum.

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