Tao Dan recognized Li Siyu and said hello to her.

Fang Yang didn\’t stop between the towers. He entered the second floor from the open door. He wanted to learn Kendo on the second floor! When he entered the first floor of the sword tower, there was an empty space and only an empty shadow. When he entered the second floor, the scene around him changed. The originally empty and white area disappeared and appeared in Fang Yang\’s vision instead Many mirrors are good. They are mirrors. The mirrors stand tall around. Whether they are front, back, left, right, up and down, they are wrapped by a large mirror. Fang Yang is like entering the whole mirror hall. \”What is this?\” Fang Yang was stunned and swept around. Under the reflection of the mirror, his own figure appeared in all directions. Just when Fang Yang looked puzzled, the central position of the hall trembled, and then an empty shadow emerged. The empty shadow of light without face was the same as that seen on the first floor. Fang Yang was shocked and knew that the sword moves on the second floor were about to emerge. He was worried about the sword The tower also has great curiosity. Since he learned such powerful sword skills in the first floor, he doesn\’t know what he can learn in the second floor. He can\’t bear it. His breath turns into a sword blade, and then he rushes straight in front of the virtual shadow. Purple breaks! The green light of the sword blade turns purple, and his strength bursts into a sharp light to rush to the virtual shadow. In the sword As mang approached, a flash of streamer suddenly floated on the virtual shadow. A sword blade also appeared in his hand. The sword blade swept in front of him like a semicircle mirror. Fang Yang\’s sword ran into the mirror like a stone ox into the sea without any ripples. \”Huh?\” Fang Yang was stunned. After his cultivation was promoted to the middle stage of the empty and dark realm, his understanding of Kendo also increased greatly. Although the previous purple breaking didn\’t use the force of nine turns, it was not known how many times stronger than before. Normally, a purple breaking sword was enough to hit a martial artist in the early stage of the empty and dark realm, but now he was blocked by the wind and clouds? His eyes flashed, which was also helpful Some didn\’t admit defeat. \”I\’d like to see how powerful your sword moves on the second floor are!\” Fang Yang thought, the strong wind swished around, and a whole twenty sword blades appeared behind him. \”Sword star!\” \”nine turns!\” Fang Yang shouted loudly. The stars on the twenty sword blades behind him turned into the power of the sword star. With the help of the nine turn sword move, the huge falling power of the sword star became more and more powerful and terrible. It swept away like the collision of stars. It suddenly emerged between the two layers of the mirror surface and immediately shrouded in the virtual shadow.

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