Lin Cheng\’s eyes suddenly opened, and his scarlet eyes looked at Li Siyu sitting next to him.

Fang Yang said to Shuiqian judo, \”we are united. You tell me where he appears, and I\’ll do it.\” Shuiqian Rou nodded gently. Fang Yang raised his hand and wiped it on the storage ring. Ten black soldiers with green patterns were neatly suspended. The light on the black soldiers flowed, and all kinds of Taoist patterns were different. At this time, with Fang Yang\’s action, it turned into a sword circle and spread with itself as the center of the circle. Then he closed his eyes and listened to shuiqianrou\’s words quietly. Before the energy rose, the water was thousands of soft and ethereal. \”North.\” Fang Yang\’s fingers moved, the sword was sharp, and the sword pierced into the thick fog. There was only a sonorous sound, and Qian Zhuofeng\’s body shape, which had just burst, was directly knocked down by the sword. He quickly shrank into the fog and waited for the next attack. \”South.\” Purple broken through. \”Go east.\” the dragon and snake roared. \”Turn south to west.\” the burning sun sword waved. Under the traction of shuiqianrou, Fang Yang\’s sword blades move together in front of her. As soon as her voice falls, Fang Yang\’s sword Qi has been cut off on Qian Zhuofeng, directly interrupting the other party\’s attack. With such cooperation one after another, Qian Zhuofeng can\’t get angry. \”Damn it!\” Qian Zhuofeng howled angrily in the thick fog. Since Shui qianrou showed that he was not affected by the fog in the thick fog, Qian Zhuofeng could not rush into the position of five steps next to Fang Yang. No matter how fast he is, he is still the sword light of Fang Yang. Under repeated blows, the scales on Qian Zhuofeng\’s body left white marks. The ferocious color on his face flickered, and then he seemed to have made up his mind. He crawled on the ground and forced the dragon blood in his body. Although Qian Zhuofeng swallowed Jiao blood pill and survived and turned himself into a half Jiao, he could not absorb all the power of Jiao blood. In general combat, he only relies on the enhancement of Jiao blood to the flesh, and this attack is enough for ordinary warriors. The power contained in Qian Zhuofeng\’s every move is that peiruo can stop it. Even the martial artists at the peak of the empty and dark world may not be able to stop it

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