Li Siyu was embarrassed to scratch his head. I came here to do something. Last time I heard you say you work here, I came to see you.

\”That\’s nature.\” Bai Fan said proudly. Speaking of kendo, he never admitted that he would lose. \”At that moment, let me see what the so-called real Kendo is like!\” Chen Fu said in a deep voice. Between the words of several people, there was a loud noise. Then the Palace door was broken directly. The martial artists of Chaimu palace who had been guarding the Palace door splashed blood all over their body and fell into the hall with the gravel. As soon as the words of the people stagnated, even the two people fighting on the martial arts platform stopped their attack and looked over there Go. \”What\’s going on?! who\’s making trouble!\” Jia song appeared from one side and roared. His second team, Tuan Mie, was not qualified to participate in the fight. He just stood at the gate of the palace, so he was the first to escape. There was smoke everywhere, and a figure slowly came in from outside the palace gate. Fang Yang held a sword in one hand and his face was as cold as ice. When he entered the palace and stood still, his eyes swept around and his voice was calm \”Today, I only kill people in Chaimu palace!\” The sound fell and the sword moved. Chapter 449: one enemy against one hundred. Listening to Fang Yang\’s words, the people in the palace changed slightly. The people in Chaimu palace were angry, but the heads of the other three regiments were joking. Although the four regiments were the joint managers of the first floor of the nether passage, there were also a lot of interest disputes between them. It was nothing to see the Chaimu palace collapse on this occasion Not good. Chen Fu sneered, \”master mu, what\’s going on in your palace?\” \”hehe, is this an activity to adjust the atmosphere?\” Li Jufu also smiled with narrow eyes. Ba Nian snorted coldly, totally as if he was trying to impress the public. \”Die! Who let the little boy in!\” Jia Song said angrily. At this time, all the four regiments gathered in Chaimu palace and made such a scene. Didn\’t it discredit Chaimu palace? Just as he was about to finish the boy, he suddenly took a step and looked carefully at Fang Yang, and then changed greatly, \”it\’s you boy?! good boy, dare to come to our Chaimu palace!!\” He suddenly turned to look at Bai fan and shouted, \”that\’s him! The man I said!\” \”Oh?\” Bai fan\’s eyes brightened obviously, his body moved, and he suddenly rushed over. He looked up and down at Fang Yang, especially at the sword in Fang Yang\’s hand, felt the hidden floating sword meaning on him, and laughed, \”Sure enough, he\’s a good swordsman! Interesting, ha ha. It seems that you came here after seeing my gift for you? Tut Tut, you don\’t know. Although he\’s a waste, he\’s very stubborn. He can\’t get the information I want from him, so he had to leave it by himself. Fortunately, you came here.\”

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