Is that all you wear? Tao Dan regretted.

Finally, a man couldn\’t bear it. At the thought of Fang Yang\’s previous means, he didn\’t have the mind to fight the enemy. With a miserable howl, he turned his head and flew away towards the rain clouds. With the first, there will be the second and third. Immediately, the crowd is crowded and runs out together. \”Where are you going! Come back to me!!\” Zhao Xian was very angry, but his roar had no deterrent at all. In the blink of an eye, there were at least 300 warriors on the big rain cloud. \”A group of rubbish!! we are enough. As long as we can kill this boy, I promise you great benefits!\” hearing this, the rest of them gnawed their teeth and looked fierce. Although the scale of the formation was slightly weakened, the Minghu formation was indeed a bit powerful at this time. After all, most of the martial artists in Mingyue lake are those in the later stage of the early Yang state, including those who are half the level of Tianyang and even Tianyang state. The Dharma array combined with so many people is also very powerful. At least it is enough to surround and kill about 200 people on the Dragon list. Zhao Xian is full of confidence. This boy is definitely Xuanqi. He has a great loss! Even if he still has some strength, he can\’t be as powerful as just now. As long as he kills the boy here and gets his secret treasure, he will have the power to turn over! Thinking of this, Zhao Xian was even more excited and urged the people around him to do it. \”Three.\” after counting the last number, looking at the people left on the rain cloud, Fang Yang was not at all soft hearted. The nine palace sword was put away and replaced by a stone sword in the palm. The stone sword is simple and unadorned. There is a faint layer of green light on it. Then Fang Yang took a stone sword and cut it out with one sword. Four Dharma Qingyun! Boom! The bland blade cut through the sky, and the world was dark. The black crack spread instantly, and all the rain clouds in the sky were swallowed up. The Ming Lake array was just formed. It didn\’t wait to urge the power of the array to strangle Fang Yang, but under the power of such a sword, the rain clouds were instantly fragmented. The huge roar rang through, and the rain cloud was like an ordinary cloud under the bright wind. With more than 200 martial artists on the rain cloud, no one escaped. These martial artists only saw a green light in front of them, and they didn\’t even know what happened. They were close to them by the sword Qi, immediately swallowed up and died, and the aftershock dispersed immediately in the air. In the blink of an eye, the rain clouds and more than 200 martial artists disappeared, and there was a dead silence around.

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