So is Qian. Although she is the wife of the waiting house, she can\’t make ends meet with such a dozen families. How can she ever see such a good thing.

\”Yes, blood devil!\” the blood devil smiled and took a step forward slowly. \”You have special Xuanqi. I\’m afraid you\’re not a normal martial artist, but more like our eight generals.\” Mu Shaohua snorted coldly and made no comment. \”I heard you mention Fang Yang just now?\” the blood devil asked. Mu Shaohua\’s face sank: \”what about Fang Yang?\” \”Ha ha, it seems that the two of us have the same purpose. I was hurt by this son again and again. The last time I hurt my body, I only have a deep hatred for him!\” the blood devil thought of Fang Yang, and the red light between his eyes was more powerful and ferocious. \”Oh?\” Mu Shaohua\’s vigilance was not relaxed at all. The blood devil grinned, \”why don\’t we join hands?\” \”Join hands? How do you join hands?\” Mu Shaohua asked. \”Naturally, kill Fang Yang! And all the people around him.\” the blood devil said, \”your strength alone is not enough. There is nothing you can do to face the experts around Fang Yang. I am also afraid of them. If we join hands, it will not be so difficult to deal with them with our strength.\” Mu Shaohua\’s eyes twinkled, some moved, but he didn\’t promise. The blood devil smiled and said, \”moreover, I can see that you are in poor condition at this time, and I can help you.\” he bent his fingers and flicked, and a group of squirming red blood flew far in front of Mu Shaohua. \”This is the essence of my blood and Qi. If you swallow it, you can restore your vitality, heal your wounds, and change your state at this time. How?\” \”change your state?\” Mu Shaohua frowned. \”Naturally, your skin is dry at this time, and you are like this, but it is because the blood gas in your body can\’t resist the erosion and plunder of your own dark gas. However, my blood gas essence is different and can make up for your lack of blood gas. Even if you use the dark gas again, it won\’t have any impact.\” the blood devil said. Hearing this, Mu Shaohua\’s turbid eyes suddenly brightened: \”You mean, can you restore me to my original appearance?!\” of course. \” The blood devil smiled. Mu Shaohua didn\’t hesitate immediately and didn\’t worry about whether the blood devil would harm her. As soon as he raised his hand, he grabbed the essence of blood gas. When the essence of blood gas touched her body, it was quickly nourished into Mu Shaohua\’s body. Then, Mu Shaohua\’s shriveled body filled up at a speed visible to the naked eye, and she gradually became like a withered cheek of bark She is white and transparent, her waist is thin, her chest and hips are full. In the blink of an eye, she looked like an old woman who was dying before. At this time, she turned into the same gorgeous world that Fang Yang saw at the beginning. She looks like a picture, and looks bright and beautiful. The key is that after she recovers her appearance, the dark spirit of dead trees has not disappeared, and she maintains a high sense of war Posture.

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