They were just about to enter the house, but suddenly they shouted, the decree is coming!

\”According to this situation, as long as there is another tea break, we can run the chaos of yin and Yang again.\” Fang Yang whispered. Then, his eyes also saw the place where Jian gang had just fallen. As Jian Gang dispersed, the scene was also revealed. At a glance, he saw the surging black cloud, filled with evil Qi. It was supposed to blow out most of it under Jian Gang, but with the disappearance of Jian Gang, the evil Qi flourished at a speed visible to the naked eye. After a few blinks, the black cloud disappeared After an earthquake, they suddenly spread out, and their shapes were revealed. With a sweep of their eyes, they all looked heavy. It\’s all right? The evil Qi condensed into the Emperor Ming himself. He still had a cold face and his breath did not decrease. On the contrary, the evil Qi had a stronger feeling. \”How could it be like this?!\” Li mubai exclaimed. Previously, the power of Fang Yang\’s nine turn sword star was obvious to all. I don\’t know how much stronger it was than before. If it was a big Asura here, it would be difficult to escape being swallowed up by sword Gang even if there were three or five of the same level. But now the Emperor Ming didn\’t leave any injuries? Fang Yang also looked heavy, even if he knew the Emperor Ming\’s strength , but he didn\’t expect to be so strong. The chaos of yin and Yang combined with the nine turn sword star is already his strongest attack now. Originally, Fang Yang expected that with the power of this move, even if it wasn\’t enough to hurt the emperor, he could kill at least five of his body. Ah, no, one tenth of the evil Qi, so at least they still had the hope to kill the emperor. But now? This one The Sword Pierced down like a needle, and the Emperor Ming didn\’t frown. Emperor Ming, what kind of cultivation is it? \”Ha ha ha!\” the Emperor Ming\’s eyes swept over the three people and immediately sneered, \”look at the look on your face. What? Do you think you can hurt me with that sword? Naive, it\’s so naive!!\” He roared like a madman, and watched the evil Qi around him suddenly disperse, the black clouds flow and surge rapidly. At the feet of the Emperor Ming, he wrapped around at a speed visible to the naked eye, just like sprinkling a sigh of ink on the ground, and the blink of an eye turned into darkness. \”Next, let\’s see what the real attack should be like!\” The emperor drank loudly and raised his hands suddenly.

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