Mother, look at Shen Ling\’s arrogance? Shen Xian said unconvinced, if only this credit belonged to herself. she was reluctant to give up.

The other side. On the empty wasteland, if you look carefully, you can vaguely see a touch of faint water mist. This water mist absorbs and distorts the surrounding light and projects it to the distance. Therefore, it also successfully covers up the body shape. If you look through the water mist, you can see that 150 people, led by Hou Xiangqing, Tieshan and Wupo, are waiting here with their breath held. The fog woman stood in the center, holding something like a disc in her hand. When the water mist and mysterious gas flow into it, a trace of cloud and smoke are also scattered from the disc. The cloud and smoke are winded and successfully form a layer of gauze, enveloping everyone in it. \”Wu Po\’s fog screen plate is really good. It\’s used to sneak in and attack. It\’s almost invincible.\” iron mountain smiled brightly. Hearing his words, Wu Po\’s face was also somewhat complacent. His fog shielding gauze plate is a purple pattern xuanbing, which was obtained in ancient times. It has been cultivated with its own water fog Xuanqi. Up to now, it has been completely integrated with itself. It can increase her water fog Xuanqi multiple. Naturally, it is powerful. In the face of martial artists of the same level, with the shielding effect of the fog screen disc, she has sufficient confidence to hide the world. Even if there are occasional clues, it is difficult to find them as long as there is no warning in advance. Although the number of 150 people is a little large, it is barely within her tolerance. \”All start to prepare. When you get close to Jiang Tianyan\’s queue in a moment, you can do it directly! The target is Shui qianrou! Wu Po, you follow me to draw the attention of Jiang Tianyan and Wang Jin, iron mountain, you go and kill Shui qianrou!\” Hou Xiangqing said in a deep voice. \”No problem.\” iron mountain answered first. Wu Po hesitated and nodded. The three parties also quickly approached the other side. Because the speed of the government soldiers\’ queue was not very fast, it was only a matter of time for them to catch up. Seeing that he had reached the flank of the government soldiers, Hou Xiangqing no longer hesitated and shouted angrily, \”do it!\” at the same time, with a flash of light in his hand, he waved his big hand, the red flame in his palm flowed, and his breath just roared out. Tianhai fire palm! He clapped it with one palm, and the whole body was swarmed with fire and mysterious Qi. It was reunited in the palm of his hand and photographed heavily in the sea of fire. The fire burned the sky and filled the sea of fire. The soldiers in front of them did not expect such an attack. Out of guard, they could only watch the sea of fire burn themselves and howl out.

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