Although she was a little caught off guard when she saved the empress dowager, the person she chose seemed to be a young talent. She must not provoke the Empress Dowager and let her marry her.

Fang Yang shook his head. Just as he was about to say something, he felt a sudden contraction of sweat all over his body and a cold rush into his heart. This was? His eyes widened. At the same time, a cold wind suddenly blew in the closed stone chamber where the candle was burning. Hoo! The candle went out and suddenly turned into a dark, cold place He was so angry that the whole stone chamber was like an ice cellar for a moment. \”Evil spirit! It\’s evil spirit coming!!!\” heimu\’s loud cry echoed in the stone chamber. Fang Yang\’s body was stiff, and he only felt a chill passing by, but he didn\’t find anything in the observation of his spirit. It\’s so strange! \” When the scream sounded, Fang Yang\’s spirit tightened and he suddenly woke up. He was familiar with the sound. It was the young man! The young man\’s black soul didn\’t retreat after fleeing into the flesh. Now it was just the target of the evil spirit attack. The evil spirit abandoned himself and found him? Fang Yang was very angry. The dark air flowed between his eyes. It was like a candle burning. The light was very bright. The dark stone room was in Fang Under Yang\’s eyes, he saw the young man over there. At this time, it was clearly visible in Fang Yang\’s eyes that there was a transparent shadow attached to the young man behind him, like a human shadow. When Fang Yang looked like a torch, the dark shadow also noticed his eyes and suddenly looked up At first glance, Fang Yang\’s complexion changed slightly. In his vision, he saw the dark figure raise his head, revealing a face that could not see his facial features clearly. At this time, he had a big mouth, and his fangs almost occupied the whole face, giving people a heartfelt feeling. Chapter 762 set up an array to twist evil. This is the evil spirit? Fang Yang was surprised, but he experienced so many things that he would never change because of this Therefore, he hesitated. After knowing the existence of the evil spirit, Fang Yang stepped on his feet, filled with pure Yang and mysterious Qi in his palm, and shrouded in the past towards the evil spirit. The air flow of fire turned, the light surged, twinkled, and suddenly shrouded in the past. The evil spirit didn\’t expect Fang Yang\’s reaction to be so fast that he hadn\’t even really swallowed the young man\’s flesh and blood and faced the pure spirit The shadow of Yang and Xuan Qi is unavoidable.

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