How? who is this man.

Fortunately, Liao Xingwen still has several brushes. Since he found out the flaw of Tao pattern, the way out is naturally simple. Under the guidance of Liao Xingwen, the fog suddenly became thin before he walked out for a quarter of an hour this time, and then slowly dispersed, suddenly enlightened. Blue sky and white sun, clear water and blue sky. After walking out of a misty white fog scene, Sima Xiangshan\’s expression eased a little when he had to see the scene clearly. \”Ha ha! Finally, without the obstruction of white fog, the area is so large. I think you can go there!\” Sima Xiangshan was inspired. Liao Xingwen was relieved to see Sima Xiangshan in a better mood. It\’s OK not to drain the evil water on yourself. \”However, the restriction on cultivation here is stronger than before.\” Sima Xiangshan was happy. When he had to check the situation here, his eyebrows became more and more wrinkled. Liao Xingwen was startled and hurriedly said, \”even Lord Sima\’s accomplishments are limited. I\’m afraid they are just ordinary people now. Isn\’t it easier to kill them?\” \”that\’s right.\” Sima Xiangshan nodded slightly, \”go find them now.\” his eyes turned in front and saw that a road was located between the lush mountains and forests, He walked in without hesitation. Liao Xingwen was about to keep up when a sudden explosion came out in front of him. \”Bang!\” the soil is flying, setting off a large area of smoke and dust. Liao Xingwen trembled with fear and said secretly, is there any danger here? Haven\’t you seen any beasts before? When his eyes saw the scene over there, his face turned pale. Sima Xiangshan stood still, but his whole body was completely drenched with a piece of green liquid. Looking carefully at his feet, several round green fruits fell over there, each with the size of a fist. It looks nothing on the surface, but Sima Xiangshan is now stepping on a broken and rotten fruit. Exploded? Liao Xingwen was stunned. I\’ve never heard that fruit will explode, and it seems that the situation is very bad now.

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