The maid nodded and left.

Lin Cheng nodded foolishly, \”it\’s beautiful.\” it\’s nice to laugh, like a flower. His eldest brother always told him that the better you treat a girl, the more beautiful and gentle she is. That\’s true. Li Siyu has some hair in his heart. Shouldn\’t there be anything wrong with this man? But it\’s not like it. \”Can you stop looking at me like that?\” Li Siyu couldn\’t stand his eyes. Lin Cheng was stunned. He was a little nervous. Did he bother him? \”Why, what\’s wrong with me.\” he asked Qu Baba to look at Li Siyu. Li Siyu held his forehead and said helplessly, \”why do you laugh when you see me? It\’s too penetrating.\” Lin Cheng was very wronged. I couldn\’t laugh when I saw my daughter-in-law. \”I\’ll pay attention later.\” he still doesn\’t want Li Siyu to feel uncomfortable. She likes it. It was dark, and Lin Cheng also said goodbye. Now the objects are all in place. It will be a long time in the future. The next morning, as soon as Li Siyu and Li Chengcai arrived at the mine, they saw the guard waving to her. Li Siyu went over and asked, \”good morning, sir. What\’s the matter?\” the gatekeeper smiled and nodded, \”just now there were three people. They said they were your family members and have been sent to the reception room. Go and have a look.\” Li Siyu wondered. He didn\’t have any friends. Who came to see her? She asked Li Chengcai to go to work, but she went to the reception room first. Before entering the house, I heard Zhao Shuqin\’s voice outside. \”You should take a good look at people. Her culture is not as good as my family\’s Chengyuan culture, or you can change people.\” Li Siyu\’s face was slightly cold. These people really didn\’t give up and hit her with their ideas.

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