What? Shen Ling looked at Chunfeng and Zhao mammy in shock.

\”I\’m talking nonsense?\” Li Siyu interrupted her. \”How can you think I\’m talking nonsense? Didn\’t you get called away at noon because of plagiarism?\” \”I, I\’m talking about you!\” the Secretary forced to calm down. Anyway, there was no one here after work. Li Siyu was bewildered by her thick skin. \”You are so unreasonable. You stole my manuscript and dared to question me? Who gave you courage, Liang Yongqi?\” Secretary Wen was scared like a little quail and asked, \”who is Liang Yongqi?\” Li Siyu didn\’t answer her question, but said: \”Don\’t think I don\’t know you stole the manuscript. It doesn\’t matter even if there is no evidence. It\’s just a low-level manuscript.\” Low level. Secretary Wen was deeply hurt by Li Siyu\’s words. When she saw the manuscript written by Li Siyu, she was actually very surprised. The article was really good, otherwise she wouldn\’t plagiarize. But Li Siyu now said that the manuscript was low-level, and she couldn\’t even write such a low-level manuscript! Secretary Wen\’s eyes were red. She didn\’t want to cry, but angry. \”You!\” \”What\’s the matter with me? Isn\’t it? You can\’t even write a low-level manuscript. You\’re as stupid as secretary Wang. If you can\’t write it, you\’ll steal other people\’s labor achievements.\” Li Siyu is not polite at all. It\’s kind of her not to beat her for such people. \”You\’re all thieves and have the face to question me. It\’s great. Your skin is thicker than the wall.\” Li Siyu\’s face flushed with a word, and Secretary Wen couldn\’t say a word. I thought Li Siyu was a bully. I didn\’t expect that he was so powerful that he caught up with the knife. \”Didn\’t you steal a manuscript? Are you so insulting?\” Secretary Wen was stunned and looked at Li Siyu at a loss. \”Did you admit it?\” Li Siyu looked at her coldly and said, \”a thief, still delusional of others to say you\’re good? What advantages do you have that others should say?\” \”say that you can only foolishly steal other people\’s labor achievements? Also say that I\’m disgusting. Look at you, I really want to vomit.\” Li Siyu doesn\’t want to be kind to her. Such a person is not worth it. You can steal it, but you ask her in turn. That\’s your fault. I haven\’t heard that any thief stole other people\’s things, disliked being like others, and then came to scold the stolen person. Secretary Wen was shameless by what she said. The most important thing is that she couldn\’t say anything about Li Siyu at all.

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