Shen Ling is still immersed in the anger of being said to be a chicken. However, her worry that the side effects of the medicine would be disgusted by Emperor Cheng Yuan was gone.

Li Kang left when she saw someone go in, and then came back from work in the evening. Lin Cheng\’s business trip lasted five days. Originally, Li Siyu thought it would only be two days, but he didn\’t expect to go for so long. During this period, Feng Zhijie came to see her many times and was driven away by Li Kang, which relieved her. When Lin Cheng appeared in front of Li Siyu again, he was tired. He ran over and took out one A small cloth bag said, \”I went to hacheng nearby. There are a lot of jewelry there. I bought necklaces and bracelets. Do you look good.\” Li Siyu looked at the Russian jewelry he was holding. \”I like it very much, but don\’t buy these again in the future.\” this thing was seen to be a disaster in two years. It\’s not over if you don\’t break your family and people. \”HMM.\” Lin Cheng obediently agreed. He just thought that Li Siyu would not like these and asked him not to buy them again. He was afraid to hurt his heart, so he said he liked it. The little daughter-in-law was very kind to him, took into account his heart, and insisted that he liked it if he didn\’t like it. He was so moved. \”It\’s hard to cook delicious food for you in the evening.\” Li Siyu knew that he must be very busy these days because he was not in good spirits. Lin Cheng didn\’t refuse. He was really tired, and Wei Si should have a big head this time. He just didn\’t know how he would look when he knew that his nephew did it. In the evening, Li Siyu made bone soup and stewed chicken for him to eat. Lin Cheng has been fooling him for a few days during his business trip , after eating this meal, he felt alive. \”Yes.\” Li Siyu thought of what happened these days. Feng Zhijie always blocked him. I have to tell him. After listening to Li Siyu, Lin Cheng looked gloomy, \”Feng Zhijie? He blocked you.\” it\’s brave enough! \”I\’ll solve it. Don\’t worry. You won\’t see him again tomorrow.\” Lin Cheng touched her hair and said, \”Li Siyu doesn\’t feel at ease.\” he said you seem to have an accident. Pay attention to your work recently and don\’t let people catch any small tail. \”Being careful is Li Siyu\’s principle and Lin Cheng\’s standard. He nodded,\” I\’ll pay attention, don\’t worry. \” Chapter 209 Wei Si was divided up. After eating, the two talked for a while, and Lin Cheng left. Instead of going home directly, he went to find Li Kang.

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