Thinking of the way neither of them was right yesterday, Empress Dowager Yang knew that her plan had been passed. In that case, it was also excellent to let ling\’er go out.

Because she has no medicine, she can only rely on other things. Orange fruit is a good choice. Even smelling it can feel better. Lincheng packed up the dishes and chopsticks and left here reluctantly. Li Siyu was also ready to go back to Chuncheng to see the old lady. Why can\’t she go back empty handed? She has to bring something to the old lady. I prepared twenty kilograms of white flour, took out some meat and a mess, and put together a bag. Put everything into the space. Then he carried a small bag, locked the door and went directly to the station. When he arrived at Chuncheng, Li Siyu got out of the car and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he didn\’t vomit. It was really much better to have oranges this time. When she came to the family yard near the mine, she went to the alley to take out her things, and then she went home. As soon as she entered the yard, Li Siyu smelled the aroma. She thought, this Yuemei also knows to make something delicious for the old lady. As soon as I entered the door, I just caught up with a table of people to eat. She looked at the old lady sitting by the Kang, carrying a bowl. \”Mom, I\’m back.\” Li Siyu put things on the ground with a smile on his face. \”Oh, Siyu is back. Sit there and eat.\” when Zhang Yuemei saw her, she put down the dishes and chopsticks in her hand and ran over to ask for warmth. Li Siyu nodded. \”I didn\’t eat. I\’m not hungry.\” when Zhang Yuemei saw her coming back with a lot of things, she said, \”how can I not be hungry? I\’ll get you a bowl and chopsticks and sit next to my mother.\” she said to Li Chenggang next to the old lady, \”make room for your sister-in-law.\” then the man went to get a bowl and chopsticks. \”Sister-in-law.\” \”sister-in-law\” several nephews called people one by one, with a happy face. They watched Li Siyu bring back so many things and can eat delicious food again. Li Siyu saw that the two children of the fourth brother\’s family were here. He didn\’t ask. It must be that the fourth brother wants to curry favor with the old lady in turn.

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