Yifeng and the others felt that Ming Yuyan was really going to kill her, she seemed crazy.

Ling Zhantian suddenly said, \”His mother has an extraordinary background. Maybe he taught Hao\’er some special magic skills, so that he has such abilities.\”Hao\’er\’s mother…When the three elders recalled the past, their expressions were a little weird. They had checked the origins of the Shanghai mother, but they couldn\’t find it out. They even asked the temple to check, only to know that his mother might come from the topmost one. The mysterious world.Hao\’er should have some life-saving means, otherwise he would not be so confident to participate in this competition, I hope he can come back safely… Ling Zhantian looked at Shanghai, which had already stepped onto the teleportation platform and waited.now!The place where the demons and gods are.Clan Lord, the kid in the spirits line is on the teleportation platform. An elder of the demon and god clan said with joy.Oh?Hearing this, the demon god clan master who was looking sullen turned his head immediately. When he saw Shanghai on the teleportation platform, his eyes suddenly lit up.Grandpa, it seems that Lingshen is a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water. He dares to let this kid play. The Fifth Demon\’s eyes flashed with excitement.I\’m afraid this time it\’s hard for the spirits of the line to surrender the blood of the spirits. I\’m afraid they would not expect that my second brother and the fifth are in this competition… The fourth demon grinned.Don\’t let him run this time, break his tongue first, so that he can\’t admit defeat… The eyes of the master of the demon god clan revealed an incomparable haze.Yes!He can\’t run away…Grandpa don\’t worry, the three of us will join forces. This kid has absolutely no chance to admit defeat.The three monsters grinned.Uh…With a trumpet resounding through the God City Square, the descendants of the Protoss of the third and fourth groups who participated in the second game walked towards the teleportation array.With the appearance of these people, the descendants of the gods present couldn\’t help crying out in exclamation, and the patriarchs of some ancient gods were even more pale.His Majesty of the Divine Master Tribe, His Majesty Yanpotian of the Yan Divine Tribe… Two gods appeared in the second scene at the same time…

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