A group of people flew along the west, perhaps because they were worried about encountering Ming Yuyan, who would fight desperately at that time. Yifeng and others deliberately slowed down some speed. Shanghai didn’t say anything, and kept the same speed. As for the doubts in their minds. , He decided to ask his grandfather after the Hui clan to see if his father had anything to do with the Underworld clan, otherwise Ming Yuyan would not look like a life and death feud, and would kill himself.

Everyone in the square was surprised. They thought that Shanghai would hand over the quota, but they didn\’t expect that the two seemed to have a few conversations before they fought.Forget it, in the eyes of everyone, Shanghai is definitely not the enemy of Yihe, but who would have thought that this little-known kid would actually block the blow of the truth.Chapter 0826 shocked everyoneOuch!The ape shakes the world!The two pupils of the sun and the moon interacted with each other, and unmatched power burst out from Shanghai, and the giant ape fell down with one arm.Di Xi\’s hands intertwined and suddenly opened across the sky. The void was instantly split into two halves by his divine might. Under the impact of the two powerful forces, they disappeared into formlessness, but Di Xi is an absolute powerhouse at the king level after all. , With his eyes flickering, Yu Wei swept toward Shanghai.Facing this surplus of prestige, Shanghai didn\’t panic at all, and slammed his fist down. A strange shock emerged from his arm, and almost all of his power was concentrated on the face of the fist.boom……The void bursts like a mirror.The Yu Wei rushing out was immediately torn apart.Seeing this scene, the people of the spirit and spirit line couldn\’t help taking a breath, especially the second elders and others, their expressions were full of shock and surprise.Tianji slams…Dacheng\’s Tianji slammed…This magical skill is unique to the spirits and gods, and all the spirits and gods are not unfamiliar with this. I didn\’t expect this magical skill to be displayed by Shanghai, and it still reached the level of great success.The three magical skills of transforming the realm are enough to make Shanghai a monster in the eyes of everyone. Now he has learned the fourth magical ability and cultivated it to great success.Huh!Like the loud noise of gold and iron shocks, I saw Shanghai\’s arms spread out, and the body was full of golden soup-like light. The whole body was round and solid, and every shot contained a solid and incomparable defensive power. Constantly colliding with Di Shi.Dacheng\’s King Kong…The people in the spirit and spirit line were completely dumbfounded.

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