The high-level healing elixirs entered the body, and the maid’s wound squirmed quickly, and immediately swelled in her throat. She slowly regained consciousness. When she saw Yi Feng and others, she was first startled, and then a heart hanging in her throat suddenly slowed down. Slowly sank.

Shanghai watched quietly, his eyes flashing with a hint of astonishment. Because of the blow just now, he could clearly see that Ba Yu\’s speed had reached an extremely terrifying point, and he had reached the level of seventy times the speed. This led to the distortion of the enchantment.At this speed, as long as the body can withstand it, even if it does not wield the power of the body, it can blast a mountain with only the power of the body. If the power of the power and the magical skills are added, unless there is a faster one among the same generation Speed, otherwise there is no way to avoid it, and it may even be too late to react, and it will be hit.Seventy times the speed…Shanghai took a deep breath. The strength of this Tyrant Yu was really terrifying. If he pushed Tianyu\’s steps with all his strength, he could only reach thirty times the speed of the world. Of course, the strength of the latter reached the peak of the king, while Shanghai was not respectable. The summit, if it were in the same realm, it should be able to reach seventy times the realm speed.but!This may not be Ba Yu\’s highest speed.The Heavenly Feather Step is only a tenth-rank intermediate-level magical skill. If I practice a ninth-rank intermediate-level body technique magical skill, reaching the level of transformation, I should be able to reach fifty times the speed. It should be able to reach seventy times. Shanghai Xin said.It\’s a pity that Shenfa magical skills are extremely rare, even in the spirit and god line, there is only the Heavenly Feather Step, Shenfa magical skills.Without thinking about it any longer, Shanghai continued to watch the competition area.Although due to the influence of Ba Yu, the fourth match was a bit boring, but the strength of the two descendants of the god race was still very strong, not weaker than the previous day, but it was like the previous situation where the opponent was killed with a single blow. Will never appear again.The victory or defeat was decided after half an hour, and it was a descendant of the God Race from the God Clan that got the top sixteen places.Brother Lin. A voice came, and Yan Potian came up with a smile and arched his hands.The children of the spirits and gods lined their faces one after another, and the second elder waved his hands to relieve the children from being too nervous, and let them retreat aside.Brother Yan! Shanghai bowed his hand back, showing neither humble nor overbearing.Congratulations to Brother Lin for entering the top sixteen. With the strength of Brother Lin, it is not a big problem to enter the top ten this year. Yan Potian smiled.Tongxi, Brother Yan has also entered the top sixteen. Maybe we still have a chance to fight.I\’m looking forward to it, but don\’t encounter it first, otherwise I really don\’t have much confidence that I can play against Brother Lin.Yan Potian waved his hand and immediately said, \”But it’s hard to be precise. Now it seems to be very close to the top ten, but who knows if the next one will meet a super opponent? It’s better to meet the rest of you. , I still have a little chance of winning, if I encounter those three perverts, I will be in trouble.\”Three perverts?Ba Yu is one. He is a rare asset of the Heavenly Punishment Master Clan for thousands of years. It is said that his aptitude has reached the pinnacle holy level, and he is still an extremely rare body of different blood.

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